Jack Arnold owns Arnold Electrical Services in Chicago, Illinois. Jack is like many small business owners in the trade.  He started his own business because he, “could do it better than the guy he worked for.” And like many others, Jack found out it was harder than he expected.


He quickly found out that he didn’t like the business he created. He was working in the field, and trying to grow and run his business. Even with all his hard work he still found many too many headaches. Too much drama. Too little money.

After almost shutting down, and taking a job at the local airport, he found something. He found a company to help him create the business he thought he was going to build from the beginning. He started working with Service Excellence Training.

Jack started working with us in December of 2017. In  2017, he did just over $700,000 in sales. And he did most of the work. This year, as of August 2018, Jack has already surpassed his sales from last year.

The Results

Jack has grown his staff to a team of ten electricians and apprentices, not including himself. After deciding to stick it out, to work with Service Excellence Training, and grow his business, he has found fewer headaches. Less Drama. Much more money and more sales.

Jack will tell you it hasn’t been easy, but it has been totally worth it. He’s had to change his thinking about his business. He has to work on the business rather than in it.

We’ve done several podcasts updating everyone on Jack’s journey through the changes in his company. They can be found on our website through our podcast called, The Service Contractor Radio Show. Take a listen.

As of this writing, Jack was injured playing hockey, and ended up shattering his ankle. He’s been laid up for 5 weeks, and has undergone surgery to repair the damaged ankle. Recovery will take another 6 weeks, but he is making progress.

In our latest podcast (release date Oct 4th, 2018), I asked Jack how this injury has affected his normally positive outlook. He admitted to being scared at first, and wondering what would happen to the business. That only lasted a short time. If you know Jack, one thing you know is that he is never down for long.

Jack immediately started looking at the positives this injury could bring to his business. It would give others a chance to shine. It would force him to take a look at his business from the outside. He knows he has a great team, and great systems in place. He knows there will be changes and challenges due to his inability to be at the office, but he also knows it will all be OK. He knows he can count on Service Excellence Training to help him through.

Jack is in the middle of a great success story. He’s already setting personal records in his business and will do more.

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