In 2009 I sold an air conditioner to a lady that raised possums in her house.  Not only did she raise possums, but she mounted them and posed them in odd positions after they died.

For an example, she took the skeletons of two possums and created a scene where a cowboy was riding his horse.   The bottom possum was wearing a small saddle, and the top possum was sporting a cowboy hat.

The sales lead came in from one of our hvac techs.  His name was Jason, and the phone call sounded something like this:

“Todd.  I’m at this lady’s house.  She needs a new air conditioner.  But she is super weird.  She has possums running around in her house.  It’s freaking me out.  Can you come over?”

You need to know something about me – I seek adventure!  Going to a lady’s house that raises possums sounded like the most exciting thing that was going to happen all week.

“Of course!  I’m on my way now!”

I arrived at the home and knocked on the door.  The homeowner, Gwen MacDaid, greeted me with a smile.  She was holding her possum “Sweet Pea.”  This is going to get interesting!

Watch the Video to: Hear the Story, See the Possum, and Learn How to Sell Air Conditioners to Strange Clients

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