My typical day starts at 5am.  I have  very specific morning routine designed to Kick Start my day.  Your goal is to Kick Start your day, and your techs day to success.  You have to be good at getting the mojo going.

Having a great start is important.  It allows you to focus on taking care of yourself, and then others!  A good start usually results in a great business day.

For me, a great start means a  great training day.   Which means I get to Kick Start hvac techs, plumbers, electricians, and managers.  It is always fascinating to see the positive impact on the KRAs (average ticket, closing percentages) when a person has a good start.

I decided to try a Kick Start on my wife.  I wanted to know what that would look like.  I was curious to see the impact.

So, this morning I cleaned the kitchen.  It was a wreck from Sunday.  That is very unusual in this house.  My wife keeps a spotless home.  But, I was gone all week, and she was exhausted from keeping Willa.

I left this note on the counter,

Hey sweetie, I wanted to Kick Start your day.  I hope this helps make it an awesome one!  Love you!

It worked!  Not only was my wife super grateful, but she had an amazing day.  In addition to the demanding responsibilities of raising a toddler, she:

  • She attended her first Zumba class.
  • Took Willa to the playground for several hours.
  • Spent quality time with her mom.
  • Brought me my favorite Starbucks drink.
  • Made me a smoothie.
  • And was very relaxed.

The entire family has enjoyed the benefits of a great start.

These same principles are true in business as well.

When you Kick Start a team member’s day, you influence everyone they come in contact with.

Your client’s receive a better service experience.  This creates referrals and higher average tickets.

Your team member has a better attitude.  This trickles down to the CSRs.  And makes it’s way to his family when he goes home.

And you experience less stress.

Kick Starting a day to success is a great!

Here are 3 ways to Kick Start a Day

#1 – Focus on the Positive

Don’t start anyone’s day with negativity.  Wasting your valuable time complaining, as opposed to training is a huge mistake.  When you come together as a group, highlight the positive successes of the team from the previous week.

#2 – Train on Useful Principles

Provide your people with information and knowledge that they can use in the field.  Techs and Plumbers love tools.  Give them knowledge they can wield like a tool.  It will boost their confidence and productivity.

#3 – Do Something Unexpected

Who doesn’t love a surprise?  Do something unexpected every now and then.  A little gift can go a long long way.

Try Kick Starting someone’s day this week, and enjoy the returns.

When Has Someone Kick Started Your Day?  What Did It Do For You?