Do your techs have the ability to convert the calls they go on into Replacement Sales?  Converting HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical repairs into a replacement is a critical skill.  This critical skill can easily add $500,000 to your business next year.  Most importantly, you can create these new replacement sales without having to hire new people.

Yes – you can add huge growth to your service company, and not hire new people.

The Value of Growth With Your Current Team

  1. You know your team.  One of the worst surprises for a business owner is discovering that his new hire is a dud.  Worse, discovering that his new hire is unethical.  When your have replacement sales with your current team, you don’t have to worry about surprise behavior.
  2. Retain your team.  Promotion is important for team member retention.  Taking one of your plumbers, electricians, or hvac techs and trusting him to sell, is a promotion.  The right technician will love this new opportunity.  RELATED – How to Win the Recruitment Battle for Good Plumbers and Techs
  3. Control your cost.  Hiring a person that only sells is a huge investment.  With a tech that is on your team, he can make money in service when he is not selling.  For a sales only position, you are going to have some potential costs you may not get back.  Here are just a few of the expenses that will go into a new sales person:
    1. Marketing cost.  This is not a problem for large companies, but for the smaller companies it can create significant problems.
    2. Vehicle cost.  You will want your replacement sales person to be in a company truck.  This is another added cost.
    3. Potential lost on-ramp payment.  Yes, commission only is the name of the Replacement Sales Game, however it doesn’t always work out that way.  If you pay a guy for his “training period”, and he leaves before he sells anything, you have lost that money.

4 Easy Ways to Grow Your Sales With Your Current Team

  1. Establish the Line in the Sand.  The “Line in the Sand” is a measuring point for replacement.  You can use repair cost, or the age of the system.  I prefer age, because it is simple and easy to track.  Your team picks the number.  When a client has a system that crosses that number, you talk to them about the benefits of a new system.  This concepts is easy and simple.  That is why it works.
  2. Create a Benefit List for Replacement.  Replacement sales go up when the service tech understands the value of replacement for the homeowner.  Create a list of at least 10 benefits for replacing the old component with a new electrical, plumbing, or hvac system.  Study this list, and get really good at demonstrating the value to the homeowner.
  3. Verbal Adjustments.  Use the list in the field, and constantly refine it through scripting and role-playing.
  4. Training with the PRESS PLAY System.  Find out more here – PRESS PLAY Training

The PRESS PLAY for Sales System is Different for the following reasons:

  1. We Train Technicians.  Our focus is on the service techs that are already in the trades.  There are programs that teach “green guys” how to sell systems.  That is not us.  We teach technicians how to sell replacements.
  2. Principles are First.  Principles are the things that are always true.  Our training is first and foremost about the principles of sales.  We teach your techs how to sell based on fundamental truths, not sales gimmicks ands scripts.  We view scripts as important for the purpose of example, but not as a substitute for Principle Based Training.
  3. People.  We understand that people are the reason for being in business.  Revenue and Profits are a by-product of smart people serving clients well.  We serve our clients well, and only teach principles that you would be proud of.  At the end of the day, we all have the need to sleep well at night.

Question:  How much opportunity is missed because you are not growing your sales with your current people?  Please comment and share on  and .