Why is it important to remove the words can’t and don’t from your vocabulary as a CSR or dispatcher?

Using negative language can cost your company valuable clients. Negative language decreases customer satisfaction. And negative language leads to negative thinking.

When clients call your company, they have a problem. They are uninterested in what your company can’t do. Clients  crave a transformative experience. They need you to remove their fears, concerns and worries. They want you to provide exceptional service. 

The Limiting Factors of Negative Language

Negative language limits your ability to show the client how you can solve their problem.

The opposite of negative language is positive language. Taking “can’t” or “don’t” and turning them into a solution.

Let’s look at an example. In this situation, a client wants same day service. But, your current schedule is already full.

A CSR Causing a Problem:

I am sorry Ms. Smith, I don’t have a technician available today. I can’t get someone to your home until tomorrow afternoon.”

You may be trying to be empathetic. You probably do feel bad you are unable to get someone sooner.

However, what the client hears is “your problem is not important, and we cannot solve your problem.”

A CSR Providing a Solution:

Ms. Smith we can absolutely get that taken care of for you. I can have a technician to your home tomorrow afternoon.”

You are reassuring the client you can solve their problem. You are also providing them the solution in the form of a timeline.

Now sometimes you will get an objection like “Can you have someone here sooner?”

Negative Language of a CSR Causing a Problem:

I am sorry I don’t have any one available before tomorrow afternoon”

Positive Language of a CSR Providing a Solution:

Tomorrow afternoon is my first available opening. However, if I a window opens, I will move you to the open spot first. That way, you’ll get faster service. So, can I book your appointment, and let you know if a spot opens sooner?”

In the negative approach, you are saying what you can’t do.  RELATED: The Negative Little Ant

In the positive approach, you are reassuring the client that you offered them your first available. Which lets them know they are important. You also offered them a solution in case of a cancellation.

Negative language creeps into our conversations every day. I challenge you to look for other opportunities to banish “can’t” and “don’t” from your vocabulary.

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