I remember the first celebration of a company milestone at SET. It happened just after we surpassed $6,900 a month in recurring revenue. That number was important because it represented the moment that SET was able to support the bare essential needs of our family. That moment was a really big deal for SET! And it deserved celebrating.


The celebration consisted of a small family trip to our favorite local restaurant with my in-laws. At dinner, Shannon and I announced the news. We told her parents that this milestone represented a major turning point for the company. This was an important moment for them as well. They needed to know that their daughter and new granddaughter had a level of security.

[In the photo above is my daughter Willa. This was when the office was out of my home. Notice the plastic bag. That was a “diffuser” that I had over an old mechanic’s light.  Why? Because that’s what I could afford at the start.]

Celebrations Don’t Have to Be Costly

The total investment for celebration was $90.21. It was a small investment that made a massive impact on our long-term success.

Celebrations Mark the Special Moments

When discussing the growth of SET, we will often look back to this one moment. The celebration created an important memory. It created a “milestone.” The celebration also added to our story as a company. This moment is part of our history and culture.

Without that celebration, then we would have lost that moment. Don’t lose the moments in your business. Celebrate, even when you are small.

5 Awesome Celebrations Under $200

Celebrating doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are five awesome celebrations for a small team that you can pull off for less than $200 bucks.

  1. The Cook Out: If you have a grill and an ice chest, you can have an amazing celebration. Invite your team over to your home. Throw some dogs on the grill, put your favorite drinks on ice, crank some awesome tunes and BAM! Instant celebration.
  2. Let’s Go to the Movies: The movies are a great way to do a low-cost celebration. My pro-tip here is to book advanced tickets to the hot new release to make sure it’s a fresh experience for all.
  3. Pool Party! The water can be a lot of fun during the summer. Don’t worry if you don’t have a pool. You can often find a community center or a water park that will do just the trick.
  4. State Parks: State Parks are a great place to hold a team celebration. They often offer grills, swimming, hiking and more at super low cost.
  5. Dinner Party: Breaking bread and being served is always a winner. Make a reservation, and invite your team to a nice dinner. To amp up the moment, have a cake prepared that will celebrate the moment.

BONUS IDEA: Take your team bowling. It is a lot of fun and a great bonding experience. At SET we use bowling as a break from planning and creative sessions.

The celebration is not about the cost. It’s about marking the moment in history and building your story. Make sure you take the time to really celebrate your people and your journey.

Question: Do you have a low-cost celebration that works?

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