“Shallow Hal” is a movie that stars Jack Black. It’s about a guy that only sees the surface beauty of a person.

This all changes after Tony Robbins alters his perception. Tony plays a “mind trick” on him that only lets him see the inner beauty of people.

What is the end result?  Shallow Hal finds real meaning in his life.  He also discovers the love of his life.  Shallow Hal has never been happier.

However his “friend” convinces Tony Robbins to reverse Shallow Hal’s perception back to his previous norm.

This results in Shallow Hal discovering that the love of his life is a very overweight woman.  She still possesses the same inner beauty, but not the outer beauty.

He is then faced with a personal moral challenge; “Do I continue in relationship with a person that doesn’t possess physical beauty?”

In addition to his personal question of morality it brings up another great question:

“Is it ethical?”

Do you believe it’s ethical to change the way somebody sees  the value  of another person?  Or even their own value?

Is it ethical to change perception at a base level?

I believe it is. And, I believe it’s a great lesson in sales and value.

It’s important to create a definition of sales that we can agree. So here’s a good one:

“Sales is the act of exchanging goods and services for something of value.”

This is an easy definition for anyone to accept. So the only questions in this definition of sales are centered on the word “value.”

  1. What is the thing of value we are exchanging?
  2. How much value do we assign to your services?

The first question is fairly easy to answer. We are talking money.

The second question is tougher, because, it’s about your perception of value. And, it’s also about other people’s perception of value.

“Your sales value, or how much you charge, is clearly a matter of perception.”

So, this is what Shallow Hal can teach you about Sales and Value

  1. Someone may have to alter your Sales Perception.  Shallow Hal had Tony Robbins. You have me, and my team at Service Excellence Training.  Changing perceptions requires time and expertise.  We do that well in our PRESS PLAY Training Series.
  2. You will be happier, when you see the value of the world differently.  If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is the concept of sales and value.  If you believe your price is too high, then so will your client. If you believe your price is beautiful and fair, so will your client.
  3. Avoid people that would change your perception for the negative. Friends and family can be very well meaning, but very uninformed. You need to surround yourself with people that are actively working towards seeing the world of sales and value the way you do.

If your company is struggling with seeing your own value, and the value of others, allow us to change the way you see the world.

Join us for a Life Transforming Experience at our PRESS PLAY for Training Series.