Michelle Brown is part of the Comfort Now management team. Comfort Now is a dynamic service company that has been officially recognized as one of the Inc. Fastest Growing companies in America.

When a company is growing this fast, it’s a byproduct of at least 4 key factors:

  • Smart business planning
  • Effective frontline training
  • Results oriented marketing
  • Strong coaching and accountability

Fast growth is also an indication of another factor; a desire to turn learning into earning.

This desire for growth led Michelle to attend our recent training program for Business Owners.

Here is what Michelle had to say about the program:

The Business Ignition Series to me is a group of motivated professionals, who are just absolute experts in their field. Excited and passionate about sharing with you the knowledge and the tips that they have learned for the trades.

To me, it was thinking of things in a different way, thinking outside the box. Learning to view your business in a different fashion. So, that when you change your way of thinking, you can change your business.

If you are looking to change your business, but you’re not sure what to do, you should check out this course.” – Michelle Brown, Comfort Now.

Mike Foraker from Jennings HVAC in Ohio also weighed in on the program:

I’m having a wonderful time! Very excellent information. Very to the point. I’ve been to a lot of different training over a lot of years, and this has probably been the best maybe the very best training, that I have ever seen.

It’s connecting the dots; and tying the numbers together: Service, Install, the whole gammette. 

Really enjoy it! We are working with Kerry and Chris, and they are doing a great job!

Excellent Trainers. I would recommend this to anybody.” – Mike Foraker, Jennings HVAC.

If you are looking to grow your Business, then you need to look into these programs:

  • The Owner’s Series
  • The Manager’s Series

The Owner’s Series is for business owners that believe in the power of: Planning for Growth, Running a Profitable Business, and Creating a Succession Plan for Retirement or Selling. **Michelle is a Manager, but was sent to the class because Dustin (owner) felt she could be part of the succession plan.

The Manager’s Series is for business managers that need stronger: Leadership Skills, Accountability Methods for their team, and Hiring and Recruiting Skills. **Many Owners have found this class to be a vital tool to growing their people into a management position.

These two programs are the perfect 1-2 combo for Service Companies that want to achieve Big Results with Big Profits.

The Classes take place at the same time, so your company can send the Manager and Owner at the same time. This makes for a great learning and bonding experience.

Seats are limited, and this is the last set of programs for the year.

If you would like to Talk to a Trainer about the programs, you can call:

  • Joe Person for The Owner’s Series at 334-322-5215
  • Terry Barrett for The Manager Series at 334-799-2020

Or, you can complete the form below:

yours’ in turning earning into learning,

Todd Liles