Sacrifice. We all know what it means to sacrifice. Many of you are in the act of sacrificing right now. For what you love, you will sacrifice time, money, blood, and even life.

Good Friday demonstrates a pure sacrifice of love and purpose.

Good Friday is not just the day a man named Jesus died on a cross.

Dying isn’t unique. We all die.   But, we don’t all die for a purpose.

The purpose of Good Friday was to:

  • provide a bridge from Father to child.
  • demonstrate the love of the Father for his children.
  • restore spiritual life to mankind.

The love of the Father comes at a very significant cost.  Jesus set a standard that I long to achieve.

I’m thankful for the work on the cross. I’m thankful for Jesus. I’m thankful for the nature of God.

If I were Jesus, my pride would have got me off the cross on that Friday.

I am thankful that God’s ways are not my own.