What makes a wolf pack so strong? As you know, a wolf pack is a group of wolves that unite to protect each member. Most of you know about the Alpha wolf.  This is the primary lead, dominant wolf.  The Alpha likes to take charge and be out front.

However, are you familiar with the Omega wolf?

The Omega wolf takes on a more challenging role.  This wolf’s role is to act as the “social glue” by providing relief when stress gets too high.  They focus on calming others in times of conflict and promoting periods of play and fun for the pack. The Omega even tolerates a lack of consideration, at times, and is the last to feed.  Who is the Omega wolf in your life and business?

Let’s not forget the “lone wolf”.  There can be conflicts within the ranks. Sometimes a wolf will be driven out of the pact, or leaves of its own accord, becoming the “lone wolf”.

However, the saying “there is power in numbers” is so true.  Wolves are much more successful when hunting as a team, and working as one intelligent unit to capture prey.

The lone wolf finds life much more difficult.  The lone wolf endures a solitary life without the charm that is sometimes attributed to being a “lone wolf”.  The lone wolf endures a lonely existence and a constant fight for survival.

I realize that thinking about wolves hunting together as a pack may create feelings of apprehension or fear.  Nevertheless, a wolf pack is an act of teamwork – the very act of collaboration – working for self-preservation, and at the same time serving the needs of the pack.

Are you a lone wolf?

You may have employees working for you, but that doesn’t mean you are not a lone wolf.

Are you the only person who is focused on the numbers and growth of your business?

So far in 2018, are you crushing your business results from last year, or is this the time of year when you start to worry about finishing the year with a profit?

Maybe you should check out the PACT 12?

What is the PACT 12?

PACT 12 is a group of twelve contractors who make a pact to work together, to support one another, and even to protect each other. The word PACT represents the nature of the group. Even though each member must be located in a different service area, usually in a different state, we hold a live group meeting every week via video conferencing.  We also meet for 2-3 days at least twice each year and visit one another’s companies.  The goal is for everyone to assist each other, and for everyone to receive: new ideas, better tools, and improve their business results through collaboration.

PACT 12 follows an annual plan that is built on an agenda of more than 50 discussion topics, idea sharing, and problem-solving sessions. Every owner shares and every owner takes away, what he or she needs from the group.  It is a collaborative process designed to benefit every member of the PACT.  It is super powerful.

PACT 12 is for owners who believe in the following traits:

  • Passion Internal fire for business growth and greater success.
  • Action & Accountability Willing to implement new processes and be accountable.
  • Commitment Pledge to complete the process & participate weekly.
  • Tenacity & Teamwork Never, Never, Never quit or give up on yourself or others.

There is amazing power in PACT 12. Just like wolves experience much better results when working together, the members of the original PACT 12 have already experienced tremendous business growth and changes in the five months since we started.

Click the link below to hear from real PACT 12 members.