This weekend two of my friends and co-workers got hitched! And, it’s all because of me 🙂 Actually, I can’t take credit for their relationship. I can take credit for the two of them meeting. (That’s a story of another day.)

Brandy Rogers and Chris Loudermilk are now joined as one in marriage. Brandy and Chris are now tasked with the challenge of doing life together. They will share memories that will be joyous, and memories that will be painful.

As a newly married couple, they will raise a daughter. A young Bree will grow to know her new daddy and experience his deep love. They will see this young lady grow into womanhood, and see her marriage in time.

They will take family vacations together. Laughter and love will fill their homes. Oh, how wonderful the joys of marriage can be.

There will also be pains in this marriage. A marriage doesn’t go without hardships. There will be mistakes, fights, and grief. In time, Brandy and Chris will watch their parents grow old. And, there will be tears. But rejoice now in the knowledge of knowing that you will be there for each other. Lean into the power and strength of marriage.

Watch the examples of those who have gone before you. Don’t be scared to come to us when you need guidance. We as a family are here for you both. Elmore and Laura, Kerry and Lisa, Terry and Stacy, Toby and Kim, Brandon and Jackie, and Shannon and I are here for your family.


Chris and Brandy,

I am so excited for you both. I rejoice in your marriage, and I will pray for your marriage to be strong in Faith and Family. Let God lead your family, and may God Bless your union.

Shannon and I love you both!