People change jobs every 3 to 5 years, according to Forbes.  Many of these moves are for promotion, and many are because of relocation.  In an average career, a person will have 10 interviews. 

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Excelling in the interview could be the difference between your Dream Job versus your Worst Nightmare.  The goal is to provide a guideline for managers and future interviewees on how to interview well.  This will be a 3 part series.  RELATED:  The Manager Series Training Program

[This is part 2 of 3.  You can read Part 1 here:  The 3 Critical Don’ts of an Interview.  In part 3, will cover The Manager’s Guide to Great Interview Questions.]


Key #1:  Dress Well

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.  You want to dress to impress!  Show up to the interview in the following:

  • A sleeved shirt with a collar.  It needs to have buttons.  A nice polo is not bad, but a button down shirt is better.
  • Slacks.  This is the time to break out the nice pants.  Do not show up in blue jeans.
  • Belt.  No “busting a sag” please.
  • Nice dress shoes.  A nice pair of leather dress shoes works great.  Think loafers, not work boots.  Although, nice polished cowboy boats will work in Texas. 

Key #2:  Smell Good

The key to smelling good is deodorant and a shower.  No amount of cologne is going to mask a day of sweat or smoking.  [And, no smoking before the interview.]

Key #3:  Bring Your Tools

You dressed nice, and that is great!  But, don’t be surprised if the manager wants to see your hand tools.  So, have them ready to impress.  Wipe them down before you arrive.  A person that takes care of their own tools will take care of a company’s tools.

Key #4:  Bring Your Numbers

Talk is cheap.  If you are a big producer, then you will have the numbers to back it up.

Premier companies want to see verifiable numbers such as:

  • Average Ticket
  • Lead Conversion
  • Club Membership Conversion
  • Replacement Closing Percentages

If you are keeping a personal log book, then bring that to the interview.  If not, then start tracking your numbers today!  RELATED:  The PRESS PLAY for Sales

Key #5:  Bring a Printed Resume

Most techs don’t have a resume.  This one thing will make you stand out from everyone else.

To go the extra mile, put the resume in a nice resume folder.  You can even put your picture in the folder, and a copy of your most recent numbers. 

If you do this, the manager will never forget who you are! 

Key #6:  Be On Time

Tardiness is the ultimate calling card of the unprofessional.  Never be late.

Key #7:  Sell Your Benefits, Not Your Needs

The company wants a team member that can fill their current needs.  The company has a job for the service plumber or technician that can meet those needs.   The job is about filling a need of the company.  It is not about filling the need of the candidate.

Too many technicians go into the interview with their needs.  They forget The Golden Rule of Influence, “I get what I want, when I help you get what you want.”

Sell how you can benefit the company.  Show them how you can increase their sales, and make their lives better.  After that, your needs can be addressed.

Make sure you avoid the THE 3 CRITICAL “DON’TS” OF AN INTERVIEW.

Key #8:  Be Prepared for the Long Haul

Premier companies typically do not hire on the first interview.  Premier companies typical have a multi-step process.  It is this process that assures they make a wise choice for their company.  Be prepared for multiple interviews.  Be patient.

As a service professional, you want to work for a company that has a great reputation for taking care of the client, as well as the team member.  As a person that advises these great companies, I can tell you that these 8 Keys Will Land You Your Dream Job!

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