People like options. Options represent the power of choice. That’s why options work so well in boosting average tickets.

Presenting options to homeowners is easy. When you know how to do it well, your Plumbing, Air Conditioning, Electrical, and Roofing sales will skyrocket. Best of all, the sale will be natural and low pressure.

I’m going to cover 3 simple keys to presenting options. These 3 options will make you more money, and require little work.

3 Simple and Powerful Keys to Presenting Options

#1 – Create Packages

Have you ever bought a meal from McDonald’s? That’s a package. Instead of pricing out the drink, fries, and burger separately, they give it to you as a meal.

This works because of simplicity. It’s one decision to make, as opposed to 3 decisions.

You can do this same technique with your repair and add-on options.

Let’s say that you had 4 different repairs for the homeowner to consider. Instead of showing each one independently, you “package” the repairs. Now, the client can focus on the work as a package, instead of as seperate repairs.

Don’t stop with one package though, because that may cause closing issues. Move to the next key.

#2 – Present 3 to 4 Options

You will want to present 3 to 4 options, or “packages” to your client. Why? Because 1 package is no choice at all. And 2 options is either too cheap or too expensive. 3 to 4 is just right.

Now that you have your first option / package created, moving to the next package is very simple.

Here are two approaches you can take:

  • Remove 1: Simply remove one of the recommendations from your first package. Write that out as option #2. Repeat that process until you have 3 to 4 options.
  • Downgrade: Let’s say your first option has some items that can be downgraded. Such as going from a high-end faucet to a mid-grade faucet. In that case, you can create a second option with the downgrade.

You can also mix these two approaches together to create options. The key is too stay flexible.

Go from Highest to Lowest

This approach works well. When you show the highest option first, then the other option doesn’t look so expensive. It’s the basic law of contrast.

What I have learned by using this in the field, is that it makes the 2nd option easier to sell.

So, make sure your client has something to say no too. If you think your client would benefit best from a ADA Toto Toilet, then have a more expensive option listed before the ADA Package. Something that would be super easy to say no too. Then, you’ll sell more toilets!

Question: How Do You Use Options?


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