Have you ever bit into something super sour? If you have, you’ve made a face just like the picture. It’s awful. You might even squirm a little as you frantically search for something to wash the bad taste from your mouth. I see that reaction a lot around this time of year. Why? Because, It’s time for budgeting and forecasting season, and that puts a sour face on people!


Here are the three top reasons for the sour face:


#1- Complicated budgeting and forecasting tools.

 Budgeting and Forecasting tools are usually too complicated. Most often, they are built in an excel spreadsheet that breaks too easily.

Or, it could even be a handwritten worksheet. But, these worksheets are never easy to use, and often have overcomplicated instructions.

You may rely on your operations software or an accounting program that needs too much detail.

Budgeting and forecasting doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it can be easy!

A one or two-page spreadsheet is really all you need. You should be able to use this same tool year after year by updating it with current numbers.

In the Owner’s Series, we teach using one of these easy to use tools. It can be updated and used year after year.

#2 – Untracked and Undefined Key Performance Indicators  

Are your KPI’s clearly defined? You should have a clearly defined KPI for: average ticket, closing rates, and booking rates – that you need to hit on every call for YOUR business.

Without a good forecasting tool, you can never clearly define your specific KPIs.

How many calls do you need? What average ticket do you need to hit? What closing rate?

The Owner’s Series gives you a simple process, and a forecasting tool, to identify your specific KPIs. You’ll leave knowing exactly what KPIs you need to hit to achieve your goals.

#3 – Too Much Focus on the Numbers

Most forecasting and budgeting classes focus too much on the numbers. That sounds weird when talking about a class that focuses on forecasting and budgeting, doesn’t it?

Numbers are important, but they must be applied with real-life lessons.

Some of “gurus” teach classes about the numbers, but have never done anything in a real business. They are missing the “realness” that is needed in business.

Moreover, any number on a forecast can only be achieved through activity. Someone in your business has to do something. They have to put in the work.

With Chris Elmore and Dr. Kerry Webb, you have two industry experts that have seen hundreds of businesses. They have seen businesses first-hand and know what works and what doesn’t.

Their style is down to earth and familiar. They’ll pass on their knowledge in a way that proves that it’s not rocket science. In the Owner’s Series, you will learn more about the numbers in two days than you ever thought possible. And, you will see the “realness” in the lesson.

The Owner’s Series will have you forecasting and budgeting with ease!

Stop making the sour face. Embrace budgeting and forecasting by getting an easy to use forecasting tool. Learn your specific company KPIs, and learn from two seasoned industry experts. With the Owner’s Series, you’ll avoid the sour face and take control of your future.

Need Help?

Come to the Owner’s Series! This program is designed to solve the 3 reasons for the sour face. In the program you will:

  • Learn a budgeting and forecasting process you can use every year to take control of your future.
  • Establish the KPIs – average ticket, closing rates, and booking rates – you need to hit on every call for YOUR business.
  • Get an easy to use budgeting and forecasting tool you can use for years to come.

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