Kerry Webb and Toby Brodie are two of our new success coaches.  We are in the office working on a new class.  (Working title “The Business Series.)  DISCOVER OUR CLASSES HERE

Since I had them here, I decided to capture a Facebook Live Video with the two of them.  FOLLOW US HERE

Toby is going to show you why you shouldn’t sell the man in the mirror.

Kerry is going to show you how to “gamify” your results.

Don’t Sell The Man in the Mirror

by Toby Brodie

Not selling to the man in the mirror is so important.  You were probably raised with the saying

Do unto others as they do unto you.

That’s good advice for respecting folks.  Yet, there is better advice for persuading folks.

Everyone wants to be communicated to differently.

That’s why we teach you about the DISC personality profiles.  What we require as techs may be different than what our customers requires.   And, the service call is about the customer not us.

So sell to the person in front of you, not to the man in the mirror.

Want to learn more? – then watch the video and shoot me an email at [email protected] to continue the conversation.


“Gamify” Your Results

by Kerry Webb

In Texas we have a saying

The main difference between a man and a boy, is what he is willing to pay for his toys.

Men love adventure. We love to play…and we LOVE to compete.

Contractors complain their guys do not always behave the way they have been trained.

Do you ever have this challenge?   Want to learn how to change your guys’ behaviors?

I have found something that works great to get the behaviors you want!  And, you can hear about one of those tips in the video here on the page.

Want to learn more? – then watch the video and shoot me an email at [email protected] to get all the rules for the game.

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