As a growing company, it became apparent that we needed to add a new position to the SET Team. We were missing opportunities in our Classroom division, so we have added a Full-Time Sales Representative to the team. The person filling the responsibilities of the position is Dean Pele.

In this video, I’ll introduce you to Dean, share our hiring and training processes, and give you a preview of our newest presentation that I’ll be giving at the upcoming Service World Expo in Las Vegas: The 6 Keys to Recruiting and Retaining World-Class Talent.

This video is loaded with visual examples. I will also show you the actual training plan that we are using to set the KPI expectations with Dean.

The Reason for a Sales Position

A lean company will utilize people to perform more than one task. This is common in any lean and growing company.

In our company, we have gotten into a rhythm of hiring a new coach and letting that coach follow-up on class leads as they bring on their ongoing clients. This has worked well enough for the last 3 years. We would periodically sell out in streaks and then miss the mark in streaks.

The problem wasn’t the coaches, it was the process.

See, as the coaches became better at selling the class programs, they were also filling up with ongoing consultant clients. Which meant that our coaches ran out of time to sell classroom seats. The end result was that we trained our coaches to be skilled at booking classroom seats, and then they ran out of time to sell those seats.

The solution became obvious, we needed to add a full time Sales Position. And, that’s exactly what we did by hiring Dean Pele.

In the video we break down the “Long Hiring Process” that we use to assure we hire World-Class talent.

We also show you the actual training plan we are using to train Dean.

I think you will find value in the video and the tools.

Question: How do you assure success in your hiring and training process?

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