How to Overcome the “It’s a Bad Time” Sales Objection

By Todd Liles How to Overcome the “It’s a Bad Time” Sales Objection

As a residential Sales Tech or Sales Pro, you are going to get slapped with the “It’s a Bad Time” Sales Objection. This objection can pop up at anytime. Yet it seems to arise alot during the Holidays. RELATED: Crush the Christmas Objection.

This type of sales objection is referred to as a “Subjective Sales Objection.” Which in essence means “It’s the clients’ opinion.”

Check out this dictionary definition.

subjective | səbˈjektiv | adjective: 1. based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions: his views are highly subjective | there is always the danger of making a subjective judgment. Contrasted with objective. dependent on the mind or on an individual’s perception for its existence. *definition from the Apple Dictionary

These types of sales objections present the biggest challenge to overly sensitive, and newly minted sales professionals. The overly sensitive sales professional struggles with these type of objections because he feels what the client wants him to feel.

These objections are equally as challenging for the fact based sales professional, because this objection is based in feelings, and not in facts. If were based in facts, you could simply prove your cases with the numbers.


How should a Sales Professional handle a Subjective Objection?

You should handle it subjectively! If you want to address subjective (emotional based) objections, then you are going to have to get a strong grasp of Empathy and Sympathy.

empathy | ˈempəTHē | noun the ability to understand and share the feelings of another*definition from the Apple Dictionary

sympathy | ˈsimpəTHē | noun (plural sympathies) 1. feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else’s misfortune: they had great sympathy for the flood victims. (one’s sympathies) the formal expression of pity or sorrow for someone else’s misfortune; condolences: all Tony’s friends joined in sending their sympathies to his widow Jean*definition from the Apple Dictionary

The biggest difference between the empathy and sympathy is the feeling of pity and sorrow.

If you adopt these negative emotions, you will fail in the world of sales and service.

Empathy is the TOOL of the Professional Sales Person.

Sympathy is the TRAP of the Professional Sales Person.

To win at Sales, you must learn to Master the Art of the Empathetic Close. Thankfully, you do not have to take this journey alone. I have produced a training video for you that covers this topic. Watch the video below to learn how to Empathically Close the “It’s a bad time” sales objection.

Learn the Empathetic Close in this Sales Training Video

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