How to crush Christmas Objections

By Todd Liles How to crush Christmas Objections
How to Crush Christmas Objections

Christmas is right around the corner, and we all know what Christmas brings with it!  Objections!  Yes, tis the season for the Christmas Objection.  Once a year your client get’s to dust off the old excuses from last Christmas, and bring them out one-by-one. 

Here are some of the classics you can expect to hear this year:

  • “Maybe after Christmas”  This one is a tried and true classic.  It offers no explanation, and no real excuse. 
  • “I just don’t have the time right now.  Call after the Holidays.”  This one is a Holiday favorite of mom’s everywhere.
  • “Things are tight right now, call after Christmas.”  This is my Dad’s personal favorite objection. 
  • “My little girl wants the Barbie Dreamhouse.  I can’t do both.”  And of course, no Christmas season would be complete without a tear-jerker.  This little beauty is best delivered while “butterfly kisses” plays in the background.

Tis the Season for Christmas Objections, and Tis the Season to Crush Them

You are about to encounter some serious objections, and I want to give you some tools to stop them dead in their tracks. 

How to Crush the Christmas Objection

Don’t bring up Christmas. 

It is only natural to talk about Christmas when you enter the home.  All of our training has taught us to notice our surroundings, and then talk about them.  However, I recommend that you don’t bring up Christmas with your client. 

Here’s why you want to avoid the Christmas topic with you clients.

  • Don’t remind them of the money they have already spent. 
  • Avoid connecting yourself with an emotional holiday that is already stressful.
  • Your client’s don’t need your help creating new objections they haven’t considered.

Build Value, Need and Want. 

The subject of objections can’t be covered without first marching through the topics of value building.  To keep this section short, I will leave it to the following:  no matter the time of year you have an obligation to follow a successful communication system.  If you don’t have a successful communication system, then use our PRESS PLAY Training System.  [CLICK HERE TO DISCOVER MORE]

Master the Christmas Objection Crushers.  

In this portion of today’s post, you are going to learn how to eliminate and destroy the objections.    

[This next section is created through a collaborative effort with of Thomas Dougherty.  You can discover more about Thomas by checking out his profile page HERE.]

Develop the “No Excuses Mentality.” 

Getting into the habit of accepting excuses is a killer to success.  “Where do the excuses end?” See, after Christmas, there is Tax Season and then Summer Vacation and then Back to School…where does it end!?

One of the best things that I have ever heard is, “if we ACCEPT the EXCUSES we ACCEPT the FAILURE!”

What are you willing to accept?  In the end, it is that choice that will drive and dictate your results. After all, the results you achieve are a direct reflection of the reflection in the mirror.

Plant the Financing seed early in the call. 

This script will set the stage for the unexpected event of an emergency repair or replacement.  To create clarity, I have separated the script into paragraphs that represent the major ideas and transitions.

“You know Bob and Betty, I have found that some of my client’s have saved or planned for this type of investment, and they simply take care of the payment at completion of the job.

However, many of my clients have not planned for this, or saved for this type of situation. 

So, they want or need to take advantage of our Flexible Financing Options. Is this something that you have saved for, or do you think the flexibility of financing would be important to you?”

Seek a Solution to the Affordability Problem.

This script aids in handling the objection of convenience, timing, and financing.

“I certainly understand that the timing of this discussion may not be the best.

Other than the timing is there any other reason why you wouldn’t feel comfortable moving forward with the solutions that we have discussed?

Great, let me ask a quick question Bob. When do things tend to go wrong with our Heating and Cooling Systems/Plumbing/Electrical?

That’s right, typically when we can least afford it, right?

But really Bob, when is it convenient to talk about making this type of investment? Right!

You know, it’s never really convenient or easy making the decision to invest this kind of money. I would agree with you 100%.

Bob, it’s obviously something that you feel you NEED or you wouldn’t have invested this time to find out what your options are. Since we both agree there is a need, and since you have told me that you feel we are the right company, and that the solutions make sense based on your needs, why don’t we address making this investment more flexible for you?

I would like to show you some amazing offers that we have now with our Financing vendors. Fair?”

The Uncle Eddie. 

And now, for the fun of the Holiday’s, I will give you one of my personal favorite Christmas Objection Scripts.  I call it “The Uncle Eddie.”

“John, have you ever seen the movie, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation?  That is one of my favorite movies.   

The movie does such a good job of highlighting the joys and stresses of the Holidays.   

And poor Clark, he never seems to be able to catch a break, does he?  Things can be looking up for him, but then they turn around as soon as Uncle Eddie knocks on the door.

Uncle Eddie is a lot like Murphy’s Law.  He shows at just the right time to make things worse.  Now, that makes for a great movie, but it doesn’t make for a great life.

These repairs that I’m showing you here are just like Uncle Eddie’s Christmas card.  He’s writing to say, “Clark, I’m coming for Christmas!  I’m going to show up at the worst possible time!” 

However, I’m here, right now.  And I can stop Uncle Eddie from showing up at all.  Wouldn’t you rather go ahead and take care of this now, and avoid the headache that’s coming?”

I hope this will help you avoid The Christmas Objections, and lead to a very Happy Holidays!

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