An Interview with Ron Magrini – Boosting Tech Revenue with Focus and Games

By Todd Liles An Interview with Ron Magrini – Boosting Tech Revenue with Focus and Games

In this post I interview Ron Magrini. We discuss several ways to boost tech revenue.  The topics range form creating focus to playing games.

Ron Magrini is a co-owner of 24 Hour Services in Illinois. 24 Hour Services operates in Wisconsin and Illinois, and currently serves over 7,500 service agreement members.

Ron shares with us his thoughts on:

  • Zero Tickets
  • Tech Buy-in
  • Training with Games
  • The Power of Questions

Todd: Ron, thanks for taking this time with me. You run a successful business, and I know you have some things to share with the audience.

Ron: You’re welcome. I know you wanted me to write a “blog post,” but I’m not much of a writer. So, I’m just going to give you some thoughts that run around my brain.

Todd: That’s cool with me. I have found that some of the best information just comes from talking it out. Let me kick it off. How do you guys focus on daily revenue production?

Daily Revenue

Ron: As a manager, and owner, I recognize the need for revenue. So I sat with my general manager and developed a budget goal per-day, per-tech.

Todd: That’s a solid idea. Creating revenue clarity for each tech. How did that go over with them?

Ron: Now some of the techs freaked a little on this. Some felt that all we wanted was the cash. Now I’m not gonna lie and say that wasn’t true. However this is meant to tell me that the tech is taking care of the client.

Getting Buy-in

Todd: Because a good average ticket represents a happy client?

Ron: Right, but again they didn’t understand this. So I asked the question “how many people need something that we offer based on percentage?” After some discussion we came up with 100%. Mind you there wasn’t much prodding from me. 100% was their number not mine.

Todd: You were focused on getting “buy-in” from the techs.

Ron: Exactly! They now own it. So the next step was to collectively come up with a list of products we can offer to our client. With the understanding this is meant to help our client get greater comfort, safety, or efficiency. They came up with a list of about 16 products.

Todd: 16 Products! That’s awesome. Would you share that list?

Ron: Of course, but don’t take the short cut and just give them the list. They need to work for it. It is only real if they come up with the ideas on their own. (You can of course provide a little leadership.)

Todd: I totally agree. OK, I’ll include a list of the products in this post.  (See Pic)

No Zero Dollar Tickets

Ron: The next step was to first get them to understand that a zero dollar ticket was bad!!!

Todd: This is a big one for a lot of companies. Just getting on base with a small sale will boost momentum.

Ron:   Bingo! I told the guys, “Bunts and singles work too. Just don’t strike out.”

Todd: What are you doing to help the guys with the “base hits”?

Training Games

Ron: I am now going to work with them to develop a type of flash card game to get them thinking. The idea is to have a list of products that offer solutions to client complaints. So, for example; the client complains about humidity in the basement, then the back of the flash card would have “dehumidifier.”   I’m creating a list of cards for: club member opportunities, new equipment, humidifiers, IAQ packages, and duct cleaning.

Todd: That’s a terrific idea Ron. Using games has always been a great way to increase the training experience.

The Power of Questions

Ron: We also focus on the The Power of Questions and Evaluations. So, I may ask the guys the following, “After understanding the needs, and performing a system evaluation, you find high static and pressure. What could you do to solve the clients needs?”  The tech should come back with an answer like, “I could add more return air, and install an evergreen high efficiency motor.”

Now this is just an example. As we practice this, not only are we helping our client. We are helping our techs and then ultimately we are helping ourselves.

Todd: It needs to be an all around win, or it’s not good. The client needs to win, and also the techs and the company. Love it! What’s is the last piece of advice you have for us?

Ron: Remember to ask for permission. This may be my favorite question that gets permission, “If I find ways to make your system more efficient, your house more comfortable, or help make you and your family safer, would you like for me to bring that to your attention?”

Todd: Perfect. Thanks for taking the time to be part of the community Ron!

Ron: Thanks for asking.

Question:  What was your big take away form Ron?

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