Imagine going to work each day dreading an encounter with that one co-worker who makes everything miserable. There are many faces a toxic employee can take, and they can be found in every position.

Here are 7 toxic behaviors to look for.

  1. Negativity
  2. Passive Aggressive Behavior
  3. Bullying
  4. Gossiping
  5. Procrastination
  6. Violations of procedure
  7. Overly critical of others

Anyone who has ever had a job knows that there are toxic co-workers everywhere. We learn to deal with the toxic person or we move on. The problem with that is employee turnover is expensive for companies. And there are more side effects than just employee turnover.

When you do a quick search of how to deal with a toxic co-worker they all contain the same basic advice.

  • Document the behavior.
  • Bring it up with a manager.
  • Hope for change.
  • Avoid the person.
  • Leave and find a new job.

Why should a good employee have to leave a company they love? Why do companies tolerate toxic employees?

Toxic employees not only increase employee turnover, they also cost money in other ways as well.

  • Decreased productivity. It is hard to perform at your peak level when you are walking on eggshells.
  • Decreased morale. They suck the synergy out of a company.
  • They dramatically impact teamwork and the drive to achieve goals.
  • Time lost managing a toxic employee.
  • Decreased customer satisfaction.

If we are aware of the consequences of allowing a toxic employee free reign in our companies, then why do we allow them to stay?

It is difficult to fire someone. However, if your team is constantly coming to you with complaints about one person, and they have documented the issues. Then why keep them around? Often time the answer to that is complicated. In many cased toxic employees are really good producers. It is hard to fire someone who is good at their job.

The 4 things to consider when facing 

  • What is the real cost of firing them?
  • What are the far-reaching consequences of keeping them?
  • Are they disrupting other team members productivity?
  • Are they causing other good team members to leave?

Although these things are hard to quantify, it is important to think of them in terms of dollars.

One recent study from Harvard estimated that keeping a toxic employee costs more than twice the value they add to the bottom line.

The best way to avoid dealing with the consequences of a negative employee is to identify them before the hiring decision is made. DISC profiles reviewed by the experts at Service Excellence Training can help to prevent hiring toxic employees.

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