CSRs work hard. They handle a multitude of different call types. They never know who or what is going to be on the other line. I spent several years as a CSR and I know that no two calls are ever the same.

For your CSRs one of their most important Key Results Areas is their True Call Booking Percentage. It takes a lot of money to make the phone ring. It is essential that CSRs have the skills to close the call.

There are three reasons your CSRs are losing calls.

1st  – Your CSRs don’t understand the value your company provides.

CSRs should know:

  •             What makes their company different
  •             What their company does that the competition doesn’t
  •             How their process benefits the client
  •             AND how to communicate those value-added benefits

2nd  – They are distracted.

Often times we bog down our CSRs with administrative tasks. This leads to distracted CSRs. When CSRs are focused on other tasks they are less prepared to provide exceptional service to your clients. Keeping CSRs free from busy work takes practice, trial and error, and commitment. However, this will help to improve their call closing rate.

3rd  – CSRs are using negative language.

Negative language will make lose a call. Being assertive, confident, and compassionate will help CSRs book more calls consistently. When CSRs say what they can’t do instead of what they can do, the state of mind of the client is altered.

CSRs can fix their call closing issues.

Here are a few points to help close more calls.

  • Take CSRs on ride alongs with field personnel. It is eye opening for a CSR to see what the HVAC technician, plumber, or electrician does on a call.
  • Take advantage of learning opportunities to teach your CSRs about the industry.
  • Organize administrative tasks so that there is always at least one CSR ready for incoming calls.
  • Have your CSRs listen to their calls to hear how they sound on the phone. This will help them isolate bad habits and make a plan to fix them.

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