The average technician is conditioned for failure.  He believes success is a story for someone other than himself.  RELATED – Drowning for Success

This belief system starts at home, gets reenforced at school, and then in his career.   After 18 to 21 years, the average tech has been conditioned to believe success is not for him.

Are you that tech?

Let me start be saying, I was that tech!  I was conditioned in many ways to believe that success was out or reach.  Thankfully, I was able to be reconditioned for success.

The 3 Big Influences that Condition You for Success

#1 – Finding a Father Figure

Every man wants a strong father figure to be his mentor.  For some, this role-model is dad.  Some have to find that father figure in other areas.

I ask all the techs in the classes I teach, “How many of you had a father at home growing up?”  Greater than 75% of the class will say “I grew up without a father.”

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I grew up with a step-dad, but he was no father.  Some amazing fathers happen to be step-dads.   (Thank you to all the men that are stepping up to the task of being a superior role-model no matter if that child is biologically your’s or not.)

Evidence shows a strong correlation with low self confidence and low persistence when a man is raised without a father in the home.

Evidence also shows that strong confidence and great persistence is the norm when there was a father in the home growing up.

What if you grew up without a strong father figure?

You find a strong father figure!

Alan O’Neill of Abacus Plumbing, Cooling, and Electrical is my friend.  He also happens to be an amazing father figure for his company.  I have heard him say to this to his people,

“I have 3 goals for you here at Abacus.  The first goal is to help you become a better man.  The second goal is to help you become a better father, and the third goal is to help you become a better plumber.”

Alan is the type of man that people follow.  He is a good father figure.

Alan is not the only father figure in the residential world.  There are many great leaders just waiting to mentor you.


#2 – Having the Right Kind of Friends

It sounds cliche’, but it is so true!  The right kind of friends will make you more successful!  Here is a simple exercise that will help you determine if you have the right type of friends:

  1. Do you trust your friend to do the right thing for you?
  2. Is your friend’s advice worth paying for?
  3. Does your friend model success or failure?
  4. Would your friend make a good father to your sister’s kids?
  5. Does your friend build you up, or tear you down?
  6. Will your friend tell you when you are wrong, even if that means offending you?

You will be the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.  Spend time with good people!

#3 – You Are What You Eat!

Your mindset is going to be a product of the type of information you consume.  If you are consuming negative information, you will be geared for failure.  If you consume positive messages geared for success, you will be more successful.

When I first started selling, I had these old sales tapes that I listened to while I drove.  Tom Hopkins, Bryan Tracey, and Zig Ziglar were my best buddies.  I listened to those tapes so often that I wore out the magnetic strips on them.

The amazing thing was, I sold more when I listened to those tapes!  I sold less when I listened to Rush.

Zig = greater sales.  Rush = pissed off.

Choose your influences wisely my friends.  What you bring into your mind is conditioning you either for success or failure.

“All you have to do is help enough people get what they want, and you will get what you want!” – Zig Ziglar

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