What’s a little pain compared to personal growth?

Cool bruise!  Right?

Cool bruise! Right?

I got that awesome bruise in the pursuit of personal growth.   It happened when I was at Wild at Heart.

Wild at Heart is a spiritual retreat that is held in Crooked Creek, Colorado by John Eldridge and his team.  It was an awesome experience, and one that has been on my dream list for sometime.

So, how did I get a massive bruise at a spiritual retreat?

I got into a fight!

“WHAAAT?  You got into a fight when trying to get closer to God?”

Yes.  I got into an internal fight with myself.  The fight over my heart, and my bravery.  Really, if I got right down to the heart of the issue, it was a fight over my heart.

Through the weekend, all the men were challenged to reclaim the heart of masculinity.   Specifically, the heart of the warrior.  I bought into the message completely.

Who doesn’t want to have the heart of a warrior!?

My first battle was with the “Claim Jumper.”  The “Claim Jumper” is a swing that sends you over the edge of a large drop off.  No big deal right?  Well, the locals call it the “Stain Maker.”  And, I found out why.

The "Stain Maker."

The “Stain Maker.”

The “Stain Maker” comes with a bigger surprise than the swinging out over the mountain.  It drops you straight down before the swings begins.  And, when the chain catches, it is highly likely that it will whiplash you in the arm.  That’s how I got that massive bruise!

So, this isn’t a story that says,

“Take a risk.   It is no big deal.  It won’t hurt.”

Bullshit!  It hurt.  A lot!  But, it was worth it.

I recaptured part of my heart that was missing.  Not just in the drop and snap of the swing, but in the experience as a whole.

Here is my challenge to you,

Risk the pain for personal growth.  Take the leap, and land hard.  Get the bruises.  Get the lumps, and reclaim the warrior heart of a man that made you get into this business in the first place!

Consider starting your journey at a Wild at Heart event.  Or, even one of our PRESS PLAY Training Events for Techs or Sales.