Karpati Gabor

Having the right tools with you on every job is important to getting the job accomplished properly and efficiently.  When we don’t have the right tools with us, we can’t get the job done or it takes longer for us to accomplish our task because we have to backtrack to make-up for our lack of preparation.  This same mentality holds true for the training that is done inside of an independent contracting company in the industries of HVAC, plumbing, or electrical. If we don’t bring the right “tools” with us when we are preparing to train, our learning process is hindered and training is less efficient and effective.  In order for learning to take place in a training setting here are some of the “tools” that we all need to bring with us:

-Positive Mindset – Possessing the right attitude is essential for the learning process to take place.  Our attitude affects our ability to retain information, remain focused, and understand how to apply what we have learned.  When we have a negative attitude, our focus and energy is placed on how we feel rather than what we can learn. But when we have a positive mindset, we don’t have any hindrances to take us away from the learning process but instead we have a clearer focus, an open-mind, and a more productive foresight. Remember, your attitude affects your altitude.

-Technical Mindset– Training can be based on a multitude of topics including relational and technical topics but no matter what the subject, it is always important to bring along your technical mindset.  A technical mindset is one in which you can visualize mechanical and technical aspects of a product, part, or system that is being explained in the training material.  Having this mindset allows you to better understand how to explain technical aspects to customers by learning to internally visualize the mechanical aspects for yourself.  When you begin to think technically you will ask yourself questions such as; “What type of words or analogies would help me visual the problem or mechanical part when I’m not looking at it?” or “How would I explain this problem or mechanical part to someone that has never worked on a system?”  Having a technical mindset is the result of gearing your brain to think logically and analytically.

-Relational Mindset– Along with possessing a strong technical mindset it is also important to have a mindset on the opposite end of the spectrum during training—a relational mindset.  Having a relational mindset helps you to better understand how customers think and feel.  When team members can put themselves in the customer’s shoes then they are better equipped to ask great qualifying questions as well as learn the best way to respond to customers based on the current situation or the customer’s overall personality type.  Having a relational mindset requires us to think outside our own personal perspective and see situations from others’ perspective. This is a very advanced skill but when it’s mastered, it’s extremely beneficial to reaping relational success.

-Systematic Mindset– Much of the learning process requires us to view the sales or service process in a systematic manner.  Just because something is “systematic” doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for adjustment.  However, it does mean that you follow a planned procedure that has been proven to strengthen and enhance the sales and service process as well as create a greater likelihood of setting a lead or making a sale.  When you are mentality prepared to document and follow the planned steps, then it makes learning the purpose behind each step easier to grasp and easier to appreciate.

Bring the right “mental tools” into a training session boosts your personal success and well-being as well as the overall success of your service company.  When training, it is important to possess these four vital mental attitudes in order to reap the greatest rewards of learning and achievement.  Here at Service Excellence Training, we have great materials and resources on tools for the training process as well as the vital tools your company needs to increase sales, leads, and retention.  Thank you for following our weekly posts. Here at Service Excellence Training, we strive to turn your learning into earning!

-Resource curated by Whitney Stewart of Service Excellence Training.