Whether you view yourself as “technologically savvy” or “technologically challenged,” social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter, do not have an “off” button.  They are ever changing and growing.  People are constantly connecting and voicing their opinions.  Steven Colbert (political satirist and comedian) jokingly said, “Thanks to Social Media, everyone I meet is in my life forever whether I want them to be or not.”  While this quote is comical, it still has some great truth to it.  Many Social Media users do not hold back their thoughts and opinions on these sites so you want your Business’ Social Media presence to be positive and powerful.  In this day and age, it would be unwise to forgo properly utilizing these marketing and media resources that have the potential to get your business’ name and message out to your target market.

We live in an “attention-based” society in which the messages, ideas, products, media, and individuals that capture the most attention are usually the items that the public will explore and investigate.  If you have created a Business Facebook Fanpage it is important to keep your page fresh, navigable, and to-the-point.  Here are 5 simple yet effective ways to utilize your Business’ Facebook Fanpage:

#1 –Effectively use the “about” box and the “info” tab on your page.  These two sections of your Business’ Facebook page are important to gaining access to the greater World Wide Web.  The “about” box is an area of your page that is accessible to other search engines; meaning that the more specific you can be about what your business then the greater the chance that your Business Fanpage will be pulled up for related searches.  Along with this, the “info” tab will allow you to give even more detail and information about your business, such as related websites and profiles.  In the same manner as the “about” box, the more thorough the information on your profile, the more likely your page will be accessible in related web searches.

#2 – Create an exciting Welcome Video. Today, people want as much information in as little time as possible so posting a quick, informative video to the landing page of your Facebook Business page will allow visitors to quickly obtain what your business is all about, why they should be compelled to ‘like’ your page, and how your business page can be used.

#3- Link your Facebook Page to Twitter. By connecting your Facebook Business page to Twitter your posts from Facebook will automatically link to your Twitter account.  If your Facebook post goes over the 420-character limit on Twitter it will create a link back to your Business’ Facebook Fanpage. Along with connecting your Facebook posts to Twitter, you can also link pictures, notes, links, and events from your Facebook Business Fanpage.  By having these two Social Media areas connected, it can greatly increase your Social Media traffic.

#4 – Use the “Share” Button on your Facebook Business Fanpage.  By using the “Share” button on the bottom left of your Fanpage you can share comments, news, or special promotions from your Business Fanpage to your own personal Facebook profile thus allowing your friends to click on your Business Fanpage link and make a visit.  You can also share important links and blogs by using this “share” tool, which also allows you to boost your Business’ Website traffic.  Some marketers see the “share” button as a more effective way to recruit fans rather than sending a friend suggestion from your Business Fanpage.  It allows those who are truly interested and who will be active fans of your page to join your Business Fanpage network.

#5 – Create a Facebook Place Page. Creating a Facebook Place page is similar to having another Fanpage and it is useful for businesses that have a physical location. You can search for your business location on facebook.com or you can create a new place if your business is not already there. You can claim your business and answer questions to verify your ownership. Once you’ve completed this process you can link your Business’ place page to your Facebook Business Fanpage.  This is one great way to give your target market easy, user-friendly information about your business.


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-Resource curated by Whitney Stewart of Service Excellence Training.