This is a powerhouse of a book. It is full of actionable items you can use to achieve success in your business. Today, I am going to break down three items you can start doing now to help your team in 2019.

Part 1: Daily One-Page Report

This one-page document should give you a snapshot of your progress. It will give you a quick look at where you are with KRAs, goals, budget, or performance. This report will help you have a solid grasp on your day-to-day progress.

Part 2: 15 Minute Daily Huddle

This quick and efficient meeting is designed to accomplish 3 items.

1: What’s up? What is going on in your life? This will build awareness of the personal and professional atmosphere of your team.

2: Review 3 key critical measures by the individual. This will create team accountability. It will also build excitement as the team watches the overall progress of the company. Lastly, it will keep goals at the forefront of your team members minds.

3: Where are you stuck? Where are your team members facing challenges reaching goals?  This time is not for problem-solving but for awareness. Once you are aware of the sticking points, you can tackle those individually at another time.

Part 3: Quarterly Things and Visuals

Break down big goals into smaller chunks. Annual goals can be overwhelming, but quarterly goals are motivating. These goals can be whole company goals as well as individual goals for each team member.

ScoreBoards and Leader Boards broken down by the quarter can be motivating for team members. They can be themed. By quarter or by year. Our theme this year is Prove It. Prove it with data and numbers.

If you want to read this book along with our team this January, then email me and let me know! I will make sure you are included in our discussion.

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