The sun is bright and hard to look at.  Yet, it shines a light unto everything.  The truth is like the sun.

I want to talk about the mindset of poverty.  This weird hate against folks that help other folks reach prosperity.  And, I’m going to shine some truth on that mindset.

Let me explain why I care.

My business is the business of helping people in the Service Industry.  

I focus on HVAC Techs, Plumbers, Electricians, CSRs, Dispatchers, Managers and Owners.  My goal is to help you guys earn a really high income for yourself, because I think your worth it.

I think you deserve it.  I think the skill that you bring to the table is one that deserves to make a great living!  That’s my goal for you.

Most everyone that follows SET supports the goal of prosperity.  But, there are some knuckleheads out there that don’t agree.

The person with a negative mindset hears,

“Here’s how you can make more money.  Here’s how you can have a better life.”

And, immediately goes to the negative with that message.

For some reason, they look at messages of prosperity and say,

“Awe, screw this crap!  This is some BS.  All this guy wants is your money.”

Hey, to the negative nay-sayers out there:

I have a group of loyal clients that pay us, and they pay us well.  And, that’s awesome!  That’s what I want for you too!  So, what’s the issue?

Most of the stuff that I do is charitable.  Most of the work that we do at Service Excellence Training is to reach the community and say,

“Here’s the knowledge for FREE.  Put it to use.  Go out there and change your pricing.  Change the way you do service for your customers, and make more money for you and your family!”  

My point?  I give a lot to the community out of love, not greed.

So, I’m going to address the Poverty Mindset.

I’m going to address why I think there is a group of people that get offended by our message of prosperity.  That get offended by our quest to make this a better industry, and bring you the skills to make more money.

This is what I think.

I think the people that are against the Prosperity Message are fundamentally scared that they can’t hang.

I know I’m going to get some flack for saying so, and I know how it’s going to come across.  It’s going to come across with the Poverty Mindset person saying,

“Oh, I’m not scared.  The issue is that what I really think is that you should pay me a lot of money, and I’m not concerned about where the money comes from.”

That mindset doesn’t work!

Money has to come from someplace, and that place is other people.  So, in order to get that money, you have to work hard.  You have to go out there and bring some money in.  And, you have to earn it!  I believe if you are going to make a lot of money, then you have to do something extraordinarily different.

What I know for a fundamental fact, is that difference isn’t just about how you turn wrenches.

Now guys, you have to be a skilled tech!  But, it’s not just your technical skills.  It’s also how you deliver service.  It’s how you communicate with your client.  It’s how you build value, and trust with your client.

I think a lot of the people that get really uptight about the message of prosperity, don’t really have an issue with prosperity.

Who doesn’t want to have better for them and their families?  Who doesn’t want to make more money?

The issue is something different.

The issue is a heart issue.

The issue is that they are scared of being communicators.

The issue is they think the world should give them more without them earning it.  (If that makes you mad, then you evaluate your heart and tell me it’s not true.)

The issue is they think they are going to be “salespeople,” and they equate “salespeople” as “liars, cheaters, and scoundrels.”

Well, that thought process is bull-crap.  The whole world turns off the ability to sell something.  If you have a service, then you have to sell it.  Same with a product or any skill.

You can be the smartest person, on the planet, but it won’t matter if you can’t get your message across.

Here’s the conclusion.

Service Excellence Training’s purpose is to help you have a better life.  It’s to help HVAC Techs, Plumbers, Electricians, Owners, and Managers know that they are worth more, and to earn more.

But, if you can’t get behind that, then leave.  Unlike, unfollow, unsubscribe, and go away.

Because this is a place for winners, and those that are becoming winners.  This is not a place for permanent losers.  Winners know that they have to go out there and get it done.  That they have to turn learning into earning!