Are you looking for a way to avoid the “busy season burn out?” Check out this video. I show you how I was able to use an alternative schedule to give my technicians 5 days off every 3 weeks, even during the busy season! 

I know this sounds crazy right? Watch the video and see how the schedule works. This alternative schedule not only helps your technicians, but it will allow you to better serve your homeowners as well.

Benefits to the Technicians

  • Reduce busy season burn out
  • Increase quality time with family
  • 5 days off every 3 weeks

Benefits to the Client

  • Technicians available when they are home
  • Technicians are rested and mentally prepared to solve their problem
  • Better quality service

Benefits to the Business Owner

  • Increase in productivity
  • Better Morale
  • Decreased turn over
  • Happy Clients
  • Happy employees

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