Karpati Gabor

Karpati Gabor

Training works beautifully when company teams are excited and ready to receive, learn, and implement new training material.  When independent contractors invest in training, they should always encourage their team members to personally invest an open and passionate mindset.  In our Tuesday post, we touched on the importance of bring a “mind to mold” and an attitude of intrigue to training sessions.  In our post today we are going to explore another important tool that we should keep handy when training—a heart to hear.

Bring a “heart that is ready to hear” deals with the aspects of passion, commitment, and loyalty.  In order for an HVAC contractor to train their company team at an optimal level each member must first realize his or her passion for the industry, their company, their team, and their own skills.  When we bring this tool with us to train and make the following points our goals, then we are working to become independent contractors that are preparing for success:

1. Take time before, during, and after training to think about how these new skills and new information can propel you toward your passion in the industry-

When entering into a training session it is important to give your team members a prior heads-up to the information they will be getting so they can begin to mentally prepare to receive the material.  It is also important for team members to have some time to think about how this new information could work to help them reach a goal or improve a skill.  Independent contractors can gain so much when they go into a session intrigued and inspired because they are making it their mission and plan to learn something new about their area of passion.  It is also important to write down interesting and thought-provoking questions, goals, comments, and thoughts from the training material while it is being presented; so that after the session, it is easy to go back and follow the train of thought and remember what stood out so vividly on a personal level.  When we make it a goal to listen in an active manner then we allow our passion for the industry to intersect with our goals of learning.

2. Focus on learning how new and improved skills could help grow the service excellence inside your company and take your team to the top of the industry-

Along with allowing our passion to become a catalyst for learning, it is also important that team members see the larger scope of their training experience.  While training is about growing on a personal level, it is also about developing a strong company team that is devoted to service excellence on every level.  A company team that works to grow their overall service excellence is a company team that will rise above the average in the industry and grow great success.  Part of the training experience is seeing how a new personal skill can help set your service, sales, and company name out from the competition.  When techs, CSRs, dispatchers, and managers truly believe in the mission and vision of their company then they can use their training experience as a means to help grow a business and company in which they trust and believe.

Developing a mindset that sets up a company team for training success has several dimensions and in our post today we touched on one of these tools– bring a “heart that is ready to hear.”  In our post we discovered that when our passion (heart) drives our mission to hear and learn new information then we will focus on how new training information will draw us closer to our passion as well as focus on how learning new skills will propel our company towards greater service excellence.  Thank you for following our weekly post.  Here at Service Excellence Training, we turn learning into earning!

-Resource curated by Whitney Stewart of Service Excellence Training