Retention builds loyalty, strength, and lasting success inside of an HVAC independent contracting company in regards to both coworker retention and client retention.  Last Tuesday, we explored the components that combine to create excellent coworker retention.  In our post today, we are going to complete the second part of this series as we explore the next important step in building retention—strong client retention.

-Hold basic non-negotiable action steps in high regard-

At times, it would seem that the most basic of business skills wouldn’t make a very big impression with a client.  However, when clients take the time to call in and compliment or complain, it is usually over a small detail.  Thus it is so important that all company team members adhere to their company’s non-negotiable action steps that help build strong service excellence.  Non-negotiables range from paperwork completion and organization to diagnostic procedures to closing methods.  While these steps tend to be basic, they become a standard for your company that sets you apart from all the rest.  Clients notice the small details and efforts placed into making their service experience excellent so it is very important for all companies to have a well thought out and clearly written list of non-negotiables as well as ensure that all company members are trained on them as well as consistently implementing the steps.

-Ensure that training skills are implemented into daily customer-client interaction-

The consistent implementation of non-negotiable actions steps goes hand-in-hand with the purposeful implementation of training skills.  While basic non-negotiables allow your client to see the well thought out effort of your company from an outside perspective; the implementation of training skills during a service or sales call allows your clients to see your company’s commitment to service excellence from a more personal angle.  When company leaders take time to research training sessions and invest in regular training then it is important that all company team members absorb all the important information, new skills, and creative techniques that they can.  While clients may not know of company training, the effects of the training will be obvious through the portrayal of excellent service skills, customer-client interaction, and well-transitioned closing skills.  Clients want to do business (and repeat business) with a company that works to keep a highly trained and highly knowledgeable team.

-Create an opportunity for clients to have regular interaction with your company through scheduled service plans-

Gaining one-time clients can keep part of a company team busy for a day but gaining repeat clients that are loyal to your company, works to keep a company busy day-after-day.   An effective way in which companies can grow a strong base of loyal clients is through explaining the importance of scheduled service plans.  Regular maintenance can work to keep a client’s system or product working more efficiently as well as help keep utility payments lower.  When clients are informed of the positive differences that regular service provides then it makes the decision to invest in the plan a much smoother process.  Scheduled service plans, just as the implementation of non-negotiables and training, works to benefit both clients and the service company.  When retention works in a positive reciprocation process, like this, then it works to bring client satisfaction and company success.

Strong retention patterns keep a company stable and successful over a long period of time.  Today, we explored three important ways that retention of a loyal client base can be built: through holding non-negotiables in high regard, through implementing training, and through offering scheduled service plans.  Thank you for following our weekly post.  Here at Service Excellence Training, we turn learning into earning!

-Resource curated by Whitney Stewart of Service Excellence Training