Leaders inside independent contracting companies want to know that when they invest time, money, and energy into providing opportunities for training that their team is getting all they can out of it. But it is important to remember that the greatest reward comes to those with a success-oriented mindset.  Training company teams requires the use of many types of tools, materials, outlines, and notes but two of the most important tools a tech, CSR, or manager could bring along can be the two that get left behind.  In our post today, we are going to learn about one of these two tools that work to bring the greatest reward from training experiences- a mind to mold.

In order to get wonderful results and new ideas from training classes whether outside the company or from within the company walls, all team members should be fully equipped with a mindset full of interest and intrigue.  We can learn skills we would have never thought possible when our ears are open and our minds are malleable.  When we work in the following two ways, we can learn to embrace a mind that is ready to be molded and a brain that is ready to receive new information:

1. Go into a training session with the goal of learning something new or different-

This point often means that we must check our pride at the door because in order for our minds to be receptive we must embrace an attitude that is open to new ideas or perspectives.  If we going into a training session thinking “I already know it all” or “there is no way I could use any of this” then that is exactly what will happen—we won’t learn anything and we run the risk of missing out on result-yielding advice.  Yet when we give ourselves a chance to experience the sales, or service process from another perspective then we may find that we’ve been missing out on some great techniques, tactics, and opportunities.  When we give ourselves the freedom to open up our minds and learn during training sessions then we can grow a strong company team that runs a strong service company and who provide amazing service excellence.

2. Be willing to practice, role-play, and try new activities in the training session-

Just as in the first point, this second idea requires that team members let go of their pride and give themselves the opportunity to try new techniques.  We learn the most when we are presented with the opportunity to role-play and practice a scenario that could happen in the field or on the daily job.  When we drive ourselves to practice these new skills in front of other people then we can internally grow our self-confidence as well as work out the most difficult parts of the script or technique with trusting trainers and encouraging coworkers rather than in the field in front of new clients.  When we open up our sales, service, or CSR skills to tweaks and improvements then we create the opportunity for personal career growth as well as company team growth.

When we bring the right tools to a job then we can get the work done efficiently and flawlessly; the same is true when we bring minds that are ready to be molded and transformed through expert training.  When we set a goal of learning something new and when we become willing to practice a new skill then we can get some of the most important and fundamental elements out of training.  Thank you for following our weekly post.  Here at Service Excellence Training, we turn learning into earning!

-Resource curated by Whitney Stewart of Service Excellence Training