meaningful management


Growing and developing a management position inside an HVAC independent contracting company is an important and sometimes difficult task.  However, the best leaders quickly learn to make their leadership within a management role, both meaningful and purposeful.  In our post today, we are going to explore three important areas that when implemented by management teams, brings success and meaning to management operations:

-Believe, Buy-in, and Promote the Mission of your Company-

The first important component to meaningful management is the purposeful creation and implementation of your company’s mission.  Your company’s mission statement should be a central focal point and the purpose behind service, training, as well as systems and processes that happen within your company.  Team members should be so used to hearing and seeing your company’s mission statement that they can recall the statement by heart.  When your company’s purpose holds this much value then team members can feel empowered and purposeful about the work that they do, clients will easily be able to observe the strong service excellence of your company team, and overall company growth will take root.

-Work to know the needs of your Team-

Along with creating and implementing a meaningful company mission, it is also essential that leaders learn how to engage and connect with their team members in order to learn about their personality and needs.  Each team members has an environment and a means of encouragement that they respond to best.  When managers and leaders take the time to learn about and get to know each team member then there is team comradely and internal company rapport being established.  Managers that learn the needs and the way to best interact with each of their team members then there is a greater team buy-in to company leadership, greater team productivity, and greater service excellence exhibited in the field with clients.

-Invest in Training that grows Service Excellence inside the Company as well as in the field-

The last area that works to grow meaningful leadership inside a company team deals the important issue of team training.  When managers invest in training their team members on all of the essential topics (i.e. systems and processes, sales, service, service excellence, leads, etc.) then team members can feel more confident in their job and daily tasks as well as feel greater respect for the company that is investing in their training and knowledge growth.  Training works to enhance the productivity of the internal systems of a company but it also allows interaction in the field and on the phone to occur in a comfortable manner for both the client and the company team member.  When leaders purposefully implement training into a company culture then it is a means for meaningful managerial growth and company development.

Becoming a strong company leader comes when managers work to make their leadership style meaningful.  In our post today, we explored three of these ways: developing a great mission statement, purposefully getting to know your team, and investing in team training.  Thank you for following our weekly post.  Here at Service Excellence Training, we turn learning into earning!

-Resource curated by Whitney Stewart of Service Excellence Training