Every HVAC Business has opportunities to provide Client’s with a “WOW” moment.  Sometimes delivering World Class Service in your HVAC Business can be as simple as just giving them the pickle.

Bob Farrell built a very successful Restaurant chain known for amazing burgers and shakes. One day, he received a letter from one of his regular customers. The gentleman had been coming to Bob’s restaurant for over 3 years.

I have been coming to your restaurant for over 3 years. I order the same thing each time and with each order I have always requested an extra pickle.  I just wanted to write you today to let you know how upset I am.

The other day, while placing my usual order, I asked for my extra pickle and your employee said that he would be glad to sell me a side of pickles for $1.25. I explained that I had never paid for an extra pickle in over 3 years of eating at this restaurant.

Your employee would have none of it and he insisted that I buy the side of pickles. If this is how you run your business I will never be back to your restaurant.

Has your HVAC Technician ever tried to charge for the pickle?

How much did that cost you?

Now, I did not do the math on this but my question is this. Why not just give the man the pickle? Not a whole side of pickles, but a pickle! Common man, just give him the pickle!

In the HVAC service business there are so many moments just like this.   As service providers, you have the opportunity to deliver a World Class HVAC Service experience. You have the opportunity to just “give them the pickle”.

What would you rather have?

  • A lifelong customer that is a cheerleader for your company?
  • Just another customer that has come and gone and never speaks of your name or darkens your doorstep again.

In our HVAC Sales and Technician training system, we teach a concept called PRESS PLAY.  

The last two steps are:

  • “Add Value”:  Just give them the pickle!
  • “Your Future”:  Make them happy!  You want them to call you back!

In the end are we doing what is right to make things right? Are we doing whatever it takes to create Cheerleader clients? Are we going the EXTRA mile to deliver a World Class Customer Service Experience? Are we providing a extraordinary customer service experience that the customer will never forget?

Shouldn’t we be?

Folks, as a consumer myself I ask….Just give me the pickle!