If you want to kill your sales, then become a know-it-all. Being too smart will cost you a lot of money. Simplicity is the key to sales success.

In the training world, there is a trend. It goes like this:

  1. Talk Like a Client > Produce Big.  The natural way to speak before you become too smart.
  2. Talk Like an Apprentice > Sales Level Off.  Starting to use too much industry slang, and over communicating.
  3. Talk Like an Expert > Sales Drop.  Forgetting that your client doesn’t speak the industry language.

As a trainer, this is a common trend I see in the residential trades.

Why Do Sales Drop When You Talk Like an Expert?

Once a technician or a salesperson becomes an “expert” his language changes. He begins to sound like the expert, and not just act like one.

When a technician wants to show a client how smart he is, he speaks like this:

Mrs Smith. This system comes fully equipped with a dew-point monitoring system. It will use Carrier’s principle of comfort to automatically adjust the average run cycles for optimum climate precipitation. The system works through … .” blah, blah, blah.

The above example happens once the hvac tech or salesperson chooses to Sound Like an Expert.

Using too much technical jargon creates confusion. And a confused client rarely buys.

Confusion creates anxiety and distrust. RELATED: Settle Your Client’s Anxiety

Simplicity creates a sense of well being, and trust.

[I completely support being an expert.  Just keep the language simple.]

How to Communicate With Simplicity

Do you suspect your sales have slipped because of complexity?

Then here are 3 tips to get back to simple:

  1. Communicate With Common Language. Your client doesn’t know your technical jargon. It shouldn’t be your goal to teach it to them. Use common language to get your point across. Mrs Smith, this system will fix your humidity problems. How does that sound?”
  2. Focus On Your Client’s Needs and Wants. Your client wants a solution that will fix her problem. She doesn’t want the solution to add to the problem. And part of the problem is having too much to think about. So, don’t stress out your client with too much detail.
  3. Say Less, Be Heard More. Attention is rare and valuable. You want your client to hear you when you communicate. So, say less. Say what’s important, and you will be heard more clearly.

If your sales have dropped, then go back to simplicity.

Question: Have you ever made the mistake of complicating your sales process?  How did you go back to simplicity?

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