Smart residential contractors all over North America have been attending conferences in mass to learn and grow from each other.  Unfortunately, much of the wisdom from these conventions never leave the conference room floor.  I want to help you change that starting today!  This is how to get the most out of your conference after it’s over.

Organize Your Notes By Category

If you are like me, you have taken tons of notes at your gathering.  The problem with note taking is that you do it in chronological order, as opposed to category.  Chronology is not as important as category once the conference is over.  What’s important is:

“What are you going to do with those notes?” and “How are you going to file them?”

Organizing your convention notes into categories creates clarity.  This is important part of getting the most out of your time and the convention.  Here is my suggestion for categories:

  1. Inspirational Quotes and Stories
  2. People of Interest
  3. Products and Service of Interest
  4. Action Items of Interest

[callout]Rachel Egner – “You have to take notes and make lists.”[/callout]

Electronically Store your Notes.

You are most likely going to lose that notebook.  But great ideas are worth keeping.  Implement a note taking tool like Evernote.  I have been using Evernote for 2 years, and rarely use paper anymore.  It is terrific.  All notes can be accessed from computer to mobile device.  Click here to get your Free Copy.

Create a List of All The Action Items to Implement

Action is where change happens.  So be sure to create your action list.  If you create no other list from your conference notes, then at least create your full action list.

Boil the List Down to the Top 5 Items to Implement

Being overwhelmed is a common result of a great convention.  You have a lot of great ideas you want to implement.  So many, that tackling the list becomes something of a frustration.  This leads to demotivation, and then inaction.  Therefore, focus on the few.

Go through your list and Pick 5 of the Actions Items to complete.  Just 5.  That’s enough.

If you are curious as to which 5 should you pick, then just ask yourself the following questions:

  • “Why do I need to do this action item?”
  • “Do I have the resources to implement this action item:  money, people, and time?”
  • “I’m I willing to follow through with this action item until it is implemented?”
  • “How will my business be better when I’m done?”
  • “What day will it be implemented?”

The answers to the questions above will help you organize the list in order of priority.

File the Remaining List as “Future Action Items”

Just because you are not going to do the list immediately, doesn’t mean it should not be done eventually.

Create a Connection List of The People to Stay In Contact With

Conferences are great, but the people are better.  You have discovered this to be true if you have been a member of an organization for very long.

Large organizations have companies of varying sizes.  Often times, the information delivered will not be relevant to your business at it’s stage of growth.

In order to get the most of these conferences, then stay connected with people that share some of your same problems.  These relationships can prove immensely valuable.  Many of my clients are part of large groups.  Companies join affinity groups for a reason, and stay for the connection.

[callout]Vicky Mulkey – #1 on that list has to be make friends and keep in touch, share the good and the bad as it happens! Hold each other accountable!“[/callout]

Connect with The People on your Connection List

A list is just a list.  You now need to connect.  There are so many wonderful ways to connect with people.  I strongly suggest using social media.  Facebook is a great way to stay connected.  In addition to “friending” someone, you can also create Facebook Community Page.  It is easy, and you can do it and invite your list in 5 minutes.

See the Video on Creating a Facebook Group.

While you are Facebook, go ahead an Like the Service Excellence Training Page. 

What Other Suggestion Do You Have for Getting the Most out of the Convention?  Please share on  and .