As a leader of a Performance Based Team, I know that you have done everything from the install to the accounting.

Almost every entrepreneur has worn every hat in his/her company.

Yet, you can’t keep doing it all if you want to become a strong leader. You can’t do it all if you want to scale your time and profits.

You must train, and then trust your team to accomplish great things without you. RELATED: Classroom Training

When your team is producing at a high rate without you, then you have truly stepped into the position of Leading a Performance Based Team.

For example, I’m sitting in a coffee shop writing this message to you. It’s 10:09am on a Monday.

While I’m talking to you and enjoying my coffee . . . .  I have:

  • 3 class events in Austin running simultaneously and being taught by 3 coaches.
  • 1 person overseeing catering and events.
  • 4 coaches leading online training for Sales, Techs, CSRs, and Managers.
  • 1 inside sales person closing opportunities, and
  • A team of developers working on new web-designs and content.

2 things should come to your mind as you read the list:

  1. There is noway 1 person could do all the things above as a solo-entreprenuer.
  2. As the leader, I’m actually doing my job by training my team, and then trusting them to execute.

I’m very proud of my team, and I feel super blessed to be able to lead such great men and women.

But leading this team was no accident. This team was assembled on purpose, and by a plan.

I’ll be unpacking this Plan over the next 12 months, as I teach a new 12 part Series Titled Leading a Performance Based Team.

Thursday, I will be releasing Part #1 with a Video and a Blog Part #1 is on the subject of How to Successfully Launch a New Performance Based Team Member.

Next month I’ll release Part #2, How to use Visual Boards to Motivate your Performance Based Team.

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