Plumbers and Technicians eat some terrible things!  Donuts, tacos, and sodas fuel their day, and expands their waste-band.  It doesn’t take long before those “few extra pounds” turns into “a few pills a day.” RELATED:  Killing the Service Tech

Health is the most important asset you have.  It’s hard to be successful when your health is shot. That’s why we love hearing testimonials from people who have had a life transformation.

Morning Todd. Wanted to say thanks again for the great work you guys are doing at Service Excellence. When I had taken Terry’s class he had made a statement about keeping your life in balance.

Work, home, Health ect.

One part of mine that was getting way out of balance was my health/weight. With this being on my list for a number of years now . . .

. . . and not doing anything about it I ended up at a gym doing a quick service call this spring.

Ended up signing up for a 10 week program they had. Dropped 20 pounds in that 10 weeks and feel like I got a good part of my life back.

Now Im back tackling some of the bigger projects I was letting slip by and also not having any issues getting those extra service calls in when needed.

Not to mention the wife is very happy with the changes to.

Terry was very spot on with his statement about keeping your life in balance and how one part out of balance will effect the rest. Keep up the good work you guys are doing. Us contractors and service techs need it. Check out the TECH SERIES.

Life is about more than money.  Life is about transforming yourself into something better.

We love these stories. Because it’s about heart and health.  As technician, salesperson, manager, or business owner; your heart is your number one asset.  Protect it.

What have you done to improve your health?

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