Will you be at Service World Expo in Vegas this Wednesday?  If so, then I hope to see you there!

I have a great presentation ready for you.  It’s called:  Killing the Professional – the age of the millennial.

There are 3 big issues that will be addressed:

  1. Why are we losing the Recruiting Battle?
  2. What is the most painful Millennial Generation Experience?
  3. How do we win with the Millennial Generation?

5 Special Virtual Guest:

  1. Alan O’Neill of Abacus PHAC
  2. Chris Hunter of Hunter HVAC
  3. Jason Shadowin of Electrical Detectives
  4. Steve Harris of Harris Plumbing
  5. and a Mystery Millennial!

This presentation will be fun, interactive, and transformational.  

If you are in Vegas, then make it a point to be in Trinidad #4 at 10AM Wednesday morning!