Corey Hickmann is the owner of Comfort Matters HVAC. You probably know him, or at least have heard of him.

Corey’s company is a National Award Winner for Installations, and his company is on the list of Forbe’s Fastest Growing Businesses.

Corey Hickmann and PlungerIn addition, Corey has a reputation for being a giver to other leaders (and a bit of a comedian.)

Corey can often be heard in the Service Nation Alliance Peer Groups as he leads contractors to better results.

Corey Hickmann and Comfort Matters Team

In summary, Corey is a leader that contractors respect. He is respected because he is the real deal, and he makes change happen.

That’s why I’m pleased to share with you Corey’s opinion of The Manager Series Program that we teach in Austin.

SET manager course was the best management class I have found.

It provided real world information that I could take back and use right away.

The passion by the instructors and knowing they have actual experience just brings it all together.

This class gave me clarity, skills, and confidence to help bring our company to another level.

I was able to bring a new person just learning the principals of management. And, this was probably the best experience I could have given him.

The best part is you can see and feel how Terry, Thomas, Todd, Kerry, Toby, and Joe truly love what they do and care for your results.” – Corey Hickmann

This is the LAST Manager Class until September!

If you want to Increase your leadership skills and management skills, then this program is for YOU.

If you have a people on your team that need to increase their leadership and management skills, then this program is for them!

You Have My Word

I was raised by a good momma. She taught me to keep my word. And here’s my promise to you. If this program doesn’t change you for the better, I’ll give you your money back. I promise you can’t lose.

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