The Best Dispatching Methods

scheduling clientsDispatching is the heartbeat of the home services industry. It’s the intricate dance of coordinating HVAC, plumbing and electrical technicians with clients in need. When done efficiently, it can boost your profits and customer satisfaction.

However, mishandled dispatching can lead to demoralized teams and lost opportunities. Service Excellence delves into the four standard methods for dispatching in the home services sector — including plumbing businesses — and introduces a new necessity on the horizon.

The 4 Standards For Dispatching

While each company may run their CSR team differently, every team intent on success needs to decide on a process for a well-run dispatching framework.

1. First Come First Served

The first-come, first-served method is a straightforward approach where calls are scheduled in the order they arrive at the office. It’s easy to manage and ensures a fair allocation of service calls. However, it comes with its limitations, primarily in terms of profitability.

Technicians might be dispatched to less profitable jobs when high-value opportunities are on the table. While this method is efficient for smaller operations with lower call volumes, it might not be the best choice for larger service companies looking to maximize revenue.

2. Regional Dispatching

Regional dispatching is a viable strategy when your service company covers a wide area. It aims to minimize travel time, leading to increased technician productivity. Technicians are dispatched based on their proximity to the customer’s location, which can help reduce fuel costs and enhance response times.

This method is particularly beneficial for emergency service calls where time is of the essence. However, it does have the drawback of missing out on potentially more profitable jobs that may be farther away.

3. Dispatching For Profits

Dispatching for profits has emerged as the golden standard for residential service companies. This method aligns with the flat-rate business model, where the goal is to maximize revenue. Dispatchers assign the best service technicians or salespersons to the calls that have the highest potential for profit.

This approach ensures that your company capitalizes on lucrative opportunities while delivering high-quality service. It may require a more sophisticated dispatching system, but the returns can be substantial, making it an attractive option for companies aiming to boost their bottom line.

This method will increase profits but shouldn’t be done at the cost of long-term clients.

4. Dispatching For Integrity

Calls from clients who have signed service agreements or who have newly installed systems have a lower probability of profit. These clients should still be seen as a high priority. Why? Because they paid for a service and you made a promise.

When you dispatch for integrity, you prioritize your clients with service agreements, new installations and company-provided warranties. This means that you will place those clients at the same level as a new, high-profit call. You will still strive to book that high-priority call, but not by sacrificing integrity.

Understanding Your Team

In the home services industry, you’re likely to work with dispatchers and technicians from different generations, each with their unique skills and strengths. To excel at dispatching, it’s essential to know your employees as individuals rather than generational titles.

Taking the time to understand their personalities, preferences and strengths can help you train your dispatchers to send the right technician out on the right job. When you match the right person to the right task, you not only improve customer satisfaction but also boost team morale, leading to a more productive and profitable operation.

The Service Excellence Mindset

Efficient dispatching in the home services industry is critical to success. The first-come, first-served method is simple, regional dispatching minimizes travel time and dispatching for profits will make you money. While true, dispatching for integrity should be the golden standard for maximizing profitability and client loyalty.

In this ever-evolving industry, understanding the unique qualities of your team members is equally crucial. It empowers you to make informed decisions and optimize your dispatching methods. By focusing on the best dispatching practices and nurturing your team’s potential, you can take your home services business to new heights.

Stay tuned for our upcoming webinars and training sessions on dispatching for integrity, where you can learn how to optimize your dispatching methods for increased profitability and customer satisfaction. Work with Service Excellence and IGNITE THE POWER WITHIN!

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