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By Service Excellence Training Work, Rest, Repeat

For those of you out there who are addicted to work, there’s an important lesson to learn about your limits. Whether it be personal desire, competition or the pressures of your colleagues, there will always be a reason for you to keep working. The outside world is never going to give you a good reason to take a break. You have to be that person for yourself because you don’t want to overstep a dangerous limit and begin harming yourself. 

The Difference Between Responsibility and Harm

Responsibility can be a heavy burden to bear. People depending on you, counting on your presence and knowledge can be the most difficult thing to walk away from. It might feel like you are letting your colleagues – or even yourself – down if you think about taking some time off. Even small things like having your phone on you after hours to answer emails or texts adds to that weight on your shoulders.

If you let the responsibility you feel to your audience or company overtake your concern for yourself, you will inevitably end up hurting your physical or mental health. When you aren’t at your best, you can’t offer anyone else your best. 

If you truly want to achieve great things, your biggest enemy is burning yourself out. The longer you go denying yourself simple things like time with your family, breaks or even something as simple as a nap, the quicker you will wear yourself out. 

Todd’s Moment of Realization

Todd Liles is a self-proclaimed workaholic, and he experienced a very similar situation where he was an important member of his team. However, his strong will to achieve pushed him past his limits. When Todd was hospitalized for an appendectomy, he felt both guilt at missing an important business event as well as relief. He knew that the only reason he would finally have a chance to rest was because the doctors would not release him from the hospital. 

Todd had a chance to reevaluate his work ethic once he realized how harmful his mindset could be to both himself and the other people in his life. Will you only be successful if you put in 80 hour weeks? Is that the only way to achieve what you want out of life? Should you push yourself until the only rest you get is from a hospital bed? The answer is no.

Prioritize Life, Boost Your Performance

Emphasizing the importance of basic things like good sleep, exercise, family time or resting can push you much further toward your goals than working yourself to the bone. When you are your healthiest self, you have more to offer your customers, coworkers and employees. Decide not to work 80 hours a week. Choose to take care of your mind and body. Speak to a therapist. Use your work hours intentionally to get the most out of your effort. Work smarter, not harder.

Never be ashamed to take care of yourself. Constant hustle is not a sustainable work practice, and it certainly will not get you or your company where you want to be. Write into your company’s morals and standards that time for rest and recovery for all team members in your company is essential. 

Service Excellence Chooses Rest

Take those moments to refocus yourself and enjoy the important things in life. It will do you more good than you can ever imagine. When you are ready to focus and work, learn some of our best methods that will push you the furthest without demanding you give up your life. All of our coaches firmly believe in the power of rest and recovery, but we can help you use the rest of your time to IGNITE THE POWER WITHIN!

What SETs Us Apart?

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A proactive business is a successful business. That's why our team takes the time to make sure every client has a proactive, not reactive, business plan. Our strategies make your business run more smoothly and profitable.

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Our training services help businesses identify and achieve their key performance indicators (KPIs). Whether it's increased revenue or higher satisfaction rates, our methods allow you to see immediate and continued results.

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Our team of experts works hard to make sure your business gets personalized training. We'll work with your team one-on-one or in group settings to set and achieve your business goals. We develop training based on your goals!

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We believe that people are the most valuable asset. We strive to provide outstanding benefits, life balance, leadership, and support to our team. We believe in helping people reach their greatest level of growth, contribution and satisfaction.

Success Stories

I've increased my sales from $250,000 a year to over $400,00! This really works.

-Scott Putman, Putman Plumbing

Success Stories

Over $2,400,000 in sales my second year after training with SET!

-Chris Yanez, Selling Tech

Success Stories

I sold $18,867 on my first call after SET's Press Play for Sales event series!

-Jake Pettit, Selling Tech

Success Stories

We have been with Service Excellence Training since 2015 and believe it is an integral part (training, coaching, mentoring) to our overall business model.

-Judy Mueller-Hyde, Director of Operations
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