The 5 Myth Trap

By Service Excellence Training The 5 Myth Trap
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The official definition of a myth is: a widely held but false belief or idea. A myth is a misconception, a fallacy or a falsehood. It’s a fairytale! The problem with myths is that if you believe one, then you get caught believing the next one…and the next one. 

But how does this relate to the home services?

When technicians are approaching their customer experience with myths about service in their brains, they can’t successfully give fantastic service. Once you believe one myth about your service or your customers, you can quickly get sucked into the 5 myth trap.

Myth #1: It’s different in my area.

Regional work experience does affect which products you may be able to successfully push, but it’s not an excuse to stop trying. Just because Texas allergies are different from Colorado allergies doesn’t mean you can’t sell IAQ products in Colorado. You may just have to adapt your approach to encompass the needs and concerns of the customer in that specific area. 

Companies across the entire world all have to deal with similar problems. Most areas believe their weather is especially finicky or their allergies are especially unique. When it comes down to it, every town and state and country is going through a variation of the same service challenges. You just have to find the approach that works best for that area.

Myth #2: I know my customers don’t want that. 

Many technicians can’t rise above the assumption that their customers simply don’t want more options or other services besides the bare bones task they called for. How do you know that? How do you know for sure that they don’t want it unless you ask them? 

One or two customers who say no can’t determine the rest of your service behavior for the community. If your customer doesn’t want it, do the work to change their mind! Keep trying for all of your customers, even if some customers don’t want it. 

Myth #3: They don’t want to spend any money. 

Your customers have to spend money. They buy groceries, cars, toys and pay for their lives. That’s the way the world works. If the customer doesn’t want to spend money, it’s because they don’t know why they should yet. If they need to spend money, they will. 

You are the one who needs to show them what they’re getting out of that investment. What will that product do for them? Why will this investment save them money in the future? Connect the dots for them so that they understand why they should spend the money – stimulate their awareness and value for your services.

Myth #4: They just want to get it fixed, not all of this other stuff.

In some ways, your customer does expect you to fix the thing you were called to fix. However, you can’t assume they ONLY want that specific thing fixed. Yes, you need to fix what you came to fix, but you also have a duty to make sure the system is in working order and no surprises are lurking around the corner.

Remember the 3 Ps: Problem, Possibles, Prevention. Most customers want their homes to be repaired, but they don’t want things to keep breaking! Spend time assessing the system health, explain why you need to evaluate the entire system and provide solutions for things the homeowner was not aware of. Don’t assume that every customer will refuse other services. Customers are reasonable when you expect them to be (for the most part). 

Myth#5: I’m a technician, not a salesman.

You are 100% right – if you worked in this industry 50 years ago. In the modern day, you have to be more than just a technician. You need to have a genuine belief that your knowledge and experience can help educate and inform the customer so that they can have a better experience at home. If you don’t understand the person you are dealing with, you won’t last long. You may not be a classic salesman, but learning to sell customers the services they need is an integral part of your job. You are a salesperson too.

Let Us Bust More Myths!

The Service Excellence coaches have been around the block a time or two. That means we know the deadly pitfalls of our service industry and exactly how to work free of harmful misconceptions and falsehoods. Self awareness is where learning starts. Learn how to be clear and confident in your service today with all of our resources!

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