How to Avoid the “LET ME TALK TO MY SPOUSE” Sales Objection

By Todd Liles How to Avoid the “LET ME TALK TO MY SPOUSE” Sales Objection

I was sitting across the table from the homeowner. She had the proposal in front of her and was looking over the options. Everything was going great! My sales presentation was hitting on all levels. The value was established and confirmed throughout the call.

“Samantha, are these the options you would want to be included with your new home comfort system?” I asked.

“Yes. These all sound like exactly what I want!” Samantha replied.

Each step of the process had the appropriate check-in. I knew that Samantha valued us, and was ready to do business! It’s time to move into the close.

Moving to the Close

“Wonderful! Samantha, we’ve already confirmed that this would fit into your budget, provide you with all the benefits you desire, and would be installed by our wonderful team. So, the only question that I have now is when we deliver the equipment would you like our install team to go through the garage or the side door?”

See what I did there? I used a close technique that has the homeowner make an easy decision (where would you like me to deliver the equipment), and therefore also closes the sale. Yes sir!  This presentation was really singing baby! Hitting all the cylinders on the sales call! I’m feeling like the man, and I’m ready to do my happy dance.

The Objection

Then, Samantha answers my question with this response;

“I would want you to go through the garage. That would be fine. Let me just get this to my husband, and get back to you once he decides what he would like.”

My Reaction

My happy dance was shut down immediately. “This sucks! Why did you waste my time having me do all this work just to tell me you have to talk to your husband? Seriously Samantha, what’s your problem? You know you can’t ‘tell” him everything I just went over with you! I was here for 2 hours. I worked my butt off! I climbed through your cramped closet and moved your junk out of the way to get into that access hole. And on top of that, I’m an expert. I know how systems are going to work. I know the reasons why your old system failed, and why our’s won’t fail you! HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GET THIS ACROSS!!?? Just buy it now, and stop wasting my time!!

Yep, I thought all of those things right before I said, “Ok Samantha. Well, when can I follow-up with you?”

I know, I know. The sales guru lets you down. I’m supposed to be the guy with all the answers. I’m the guy that is supposed to overcome the objections and close the call despite any challenge. First of all, thank you for thinking so well of me. I appreciate it but also know that I was young once. And young in the sales game means inexperienced. So, when this happened to me in my early days I was missing two things:

  1. The “Know How.” I didn’t know how to overcome this objection. I didn’t have the words or the understanding of the subtle nature of personalities and buying decisions.
  2. The Basics of Setting a Replacements Lead. You need the buying parties and time.

The 2 Core Requirements of Setting a Replacement Lead

A good sales process is built to get a “yes.” Getting a “yes” means that you have to navigate through obstacles that create objections and “no’s.”

There are 2 very basics requirements that will eliminate the “I need to talk to my spouse” sales objection.

  1. Doing a Sales Presentation with Both Homeowners Present.
  2. Confirming the Time Needed in Advance

The best way to assure that this happens is to train the Client Service Representatives to confirm the two qualifiers before the Sales Representative shows for the Sales Appointment.

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Then once on the call, the Sales Representative needs to reinforce the benefits of these two requirements. This is the simplest way to eliminate the “I need to talk to my spouse” sales objection.

This approach is not super fancy and it’s not complicated. It works, and it works very well.

You may have been looking for more. You may want the deep dive into the world of objections. You can have that, just download our eBook below.

It’s really great stuff. Just know that not ever objection requires a ton of work. Actually, most objections don’t require all that much work. Most just require you to do a few basic things very well.

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