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I know, you are probably thinking to yourself “What does Thomas mean by that?” Has Thomas hit his head and is this blog the result of a serious head injury?  NO, I promise, there is power in the statement…If You Don’t Train Them They Just Might Stay!

The Habits

Your team, your people, are a product of their previous environments. What I mean is that most of the team members that you hire have worked somewhere before. It is likely that they worked for one of your HVAC, Plumbing or Electrical competitors. It is also quite possible that over the years they have picked up and created HABITS. The habits formed are likely due to their previous work environment and leadership. Their habits are also formed by  an abundance of previous training or a lack of previous training.

Good or Bad, they come to you with a past. HABITS! Sometimes this can have a very positive impact on your Business but many times the Habits created have the ability to have a very negative impact on our Business.

The reality is we can’t and won’t make the PERFECT hire each and every time. So, when you do hire someone that comes to you with BAD HABITS what do you do? Do you buy into the lie that “you can’t teach and old dog new tricks”?

Anything sound familiar here:

  • Fix it Tech: “I can fix anything”, even when he or she who shouldn’t merely fix the immediate problem. Sometimes, the right thing to do, the best thing to do for the client is to replace the system or DIG.
  • Club Memberships:What, Huh, What is a Club Membership?” Exactly and if he or she does not know what they are then they certainly wont appreciate the VALUE of the Club! Oh and they will never offer it to your client.
  • Accessories- Haha, yeah right. I fixed the primary problem! “I am a Super Hero, what more do you want from me?” “They don’t need no stinking UV light”
  • Additional Tasks– I am not going to push the customer to buy more from me than what I am there to fix today. That is SALES and that is a nasty, four letter word.
  • Flip the Lead or Sell the Dig– Haha, yeah right! “They don’t want a new system.” “They don’t want to dig up their yard to fix this issue!”

The reality is that some will come to you with this set of beliefs. It’s what they have been taught. It’s HABIT. As a Leader, If you  believe the lie that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks you are accepting the lie. If you are accepting the lie you are also accepting the results.

So, What Does it Cost your HVAC, Plumbing or Electrical Company to believe the lie?

Thousands? Tens of Thousands? Hundreds of Thousands? Your Clients? Your HVAC, Plumbing or Electrical Business

So, you are probably asking…Thomas, “How do we teach the old dog new tricks?”

  • Lead- people will follow based on the leaders attitudinal philosophy. How you think and feel about quality training and improvement will rub off on the team members.
  • Vision- create vision for the team. Who are we as a company? Where are we headed and why? How can the TEAM Win and benefit from the vision and the training?
  • Communicate Value– what will the training do for THEM, how will it BENEFIT THEM! How will it improve their lives!
  • Invest- Prove to your team members that you are willing to INVEST in THEM! You want them to GROW! You want them to WIN! You are willing to invest in proven TRAINING!

Now, I want to make sure the point is clear! If you don’t train them they just might stay!

But…what if you do? What if you provide World Class Training to your team, what’s the cost? Or, should I say,What’s the investment?

What are you willing to invest in your team and in your Business. In the end, you are NOT in the systems Business. You ARE in the people Business and your PEOPLE need training to deliver the World Class Service your clients want and deserve!

What are you willing to invest? What is the Return on Investment? Is it worth it?

What are you waiting for?


What SETs Us Apart?

Proactive Business Plans

A proactive business is a successful business. That's why our team takes the time to make sure every client has a proactive, not reactive, business plan. Our strategies make your business run more smoothly and profitable.

Proven Results

Our training services help businesses identify and achieve their key performance indicators (KPIs). Whether it's increased revenue or higher satisfaction rates, our methods allow you to see immediate and continued results.

Personalized Training

Our team of experts works hard to make sure your business gets personalized training. We'll work with your team one-on-one or in group settings to set and achieve your business goals. We develop training based on your goals!

Prioritizing People

We believe that people are the most valuable asset. We strive to provide outstanding benefits, life balance, leadership, and support to our team. We believe in helping people reach their greatest level of growth, contribution and satisfaction.

Success Stories

I've increased my sales from $250,000 a year to over $400,00! This really works.

-Scott Putman, Putman Plumbing

Success Stories

Over $2,400,000 in sales my second year after training with SET!

-Chris Yanez, Selling Tech

Success Stories

I sold $18,867 on my first call after SET's Press Play for Sales event series!

-Jake Pettit, Selling Tech

Success Stories

We have been with Service Excellence Training since 2015 and believe it is an integral part (training, coaching, mentoring) to our overall business model.

-Judy Mueller-Hyde, Director of Operations
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