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Wouldn’t it be nice to work at a company where people go above and beyond what is expected?  Not for praise or reward, but because they have the ability and desire to give back. Imagine a workplace where every team member gives their best every day, and goes the extra mile to make sure the team is successful.

Brandy Rogers submitted today’s article. She is the Marketing Director for Gary’s AC in Amarillo, TX.

I work for Gary’s AC in Amarillo, TX.  And, we have a culture of “going the extra mile.”  We call it “Making the Muffins.”

Normally, “Making the Muffins” goes unnoticed.  That’s because the type of person that makes the muffins, doesn’t brag or seek a pat on the back.

Companies reward so many types of behaviors: revenue numbers, callbacks %, closing %, service agreement conversions, and so on.  All of those things are good, and we reward them too.

But what about the “muffin makers’?  Their good deeds often go unnoticed.

We at Gary’s have developed a system to rewards the muffin makers, and it has been a great moral booster for our team!

A little background on the term “Making the Muffins:”

When Gary and Paula (the owners of Gary’s Heating and Air) were raising their 5 children, Paula made muffins for the kids each morning.  This was a very time consuming task, and one that wasn’t always properly recognized by the kids.

So, when Paula’s daughter (Chelsea) was a teenager, Paula decided to teach Chelsea how to make the muffins.  It would be a way to teach her responsibility, and to recognize the hard work of others.

The first morning Chelsea made the muffins for the family.  And boy, she was proud of herself!

Chelsea was so proud of herself, that she made sure everyone knew that she had in fact made the muffins that day.

Everyone laughed, because Chelsea was kind of missing the point.

But in a way, she kind of made the point too!

Which is, good deeds should be recognized and praised.  Even those that don’t turn the financial dial.

We took this fun family story, and change this into a way to recognize those acts that would normally slide under the radar.

We did not have to look far to find technicians, installers, customer service representatives, and managers going the extra mile for not only our customers, but also the community.

Actions to Celebrate

Each of the following actions have been noticed and celebrated by our company.

Business Muffins:

  • Finding a creative solution to a client’s problem.  Especially. when the solution saves the client a lot of money.
  • A technician finding and bringing home a dog that had gotten out prior to the technicians arrival.
  • A CSR writing a note of condolence after a client loses a spouse.
  • An installer leaving a garage floor cleaner than they found it.

Community Muffins:

  • We recognized one employee for changing someone’s tire on the side of the road.
  • Another technician while driving to a call found an elderly lady who had fallen in her driveway, he waited with her providing first aide until the ambulance arrived.
  • A technician stopping on a hot day to visit a child’s lemonade stand.
  • Team members supporting local charities and organizations.

These acts can be anything that goes above what is expected, and shows the true character of the team member.

In each of these cases, the act would have gone unrecognized had someone not reached out to us to express their appreciation.

Creating a company culture of service, teamwork, and selflessness has to start at the top.  Every employee from the newest helper or apprentice to the longest tenured employee plays a vital role in developing that culture.

The rewards of this type of attitude reach into every aspect of your life. When you practice kindness, humility, and service it spills over into your relationships with your friends, family, children, and anyone you encounter.

Recognizing these acts helps the team members know that the management appreciates their efforts both at work and in the community.

Every day there are opportunities to take the next step and go above what is expected. Every position has an opportunity to make muffins. As an electrician, plumber, HVAC technician or installer, or in the office as a CSR or dispatcher, you can make the muffins.

When we do this with the proper motivation, we can help bring back a feeling of community and selflessness. What better way to top off an already fantastic day than by doing something good and not expecting anything in return?

Do you want to help put “service” back into the service industry?

We want to hear from you, comment and share an example of someone in your company “Making the Muffins.” The story with the most likes will receive a gift card for themselves and the person they caught in the act of doing something great!  Make sure to tag us!

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