3 keys that make your systems and procedures personal

By Thomas 3 keys that make your systems and procedures personal
3 keys to making systems and procedures personal

Running a Business can be tricky. Part of the reason for that is we spend so much time on Systems and Processes, and not enough time on people.  That’s a mistake, because in reality we are all in the People Business.   Systems and Procedures are easy, it’s the people part of business that’s tricky.  RELATED – Your Success Tuneup

It’s not that we don’t need to focus on systems and processes, but we are devoting too much time to this one area. Take for example some of my recent discussions with one of my clients, Matt Hickman.  Matt is the owner of Kean’s Pump Shop, Mr. Electric, Mr. Rooter, and Aire Serv of St. John’s, Newfoundland. 

Our initial visits focused heavily on systems and processes. We discussed the following:

On-Boarding a New Hire

We focused on creating an outline/plan that would allow them to hire a new team member, and create a very specific agenda and timeline, based on an on-boarding and training program.

The goal was to get the new hire acclimated to the culture of the business, as well as the business systems and processes, as quickly as possible.

Job Descriptions

We focused on creating specific and detailed job descriptions for every position in the company. We started at the top with the VP position, and worked our way through each department. 

The goal was creating clearly defined job descriptions, and clear expectations for each position.

KRA’s and Accountability

We focused on creating Key Results Area’s to go along with the job descriptions. Our focus was on more than numbers. We included things like Paperwork Standards and Customer Service Standards. We also focused on the Accountability aspect of the KRA’s.

We have to have tracking and measuring, as well as accountability in business.

Everything we had talked about thus far revolved around systems and processes.

RELATED – You can get your KRA’s free.  Just complete the form in the right side of the homepage.

While important…we are in the People Business!

Since we are in the people business, we had to ask ourself, “How can we take the 3 points above, and make them personal?”

That’s the same question you should have about your systems and procedures, “How do I make it personal?  Really mean something?”

At Service Excellence Training we believe strongly in the Power of the Profile. We use the Advanced Insights Profiling system. This tool is invaluable when it comes to hiring a new team member, as well as when it comes to developing skill sets and improving results.

3 Keys That Make Your Systems and Procedures Personal:

At Service Excellence Training we believe strongly in the Power of the Profile. We use the Advanced Insights Profiling system. This tool is invaluable when it comes to hiring a new team member, as well as when it comes to developing skill sets and improving results.  This tool also happens to provide to you the key ingredient in making your systems and procedures personal.

Key #1 – Communicate in the Styles of Each Team Member

If we know how each team member likes to have information Communicated, we can more effectively communicate key things like job descriptions, accountability programs, and performance based compensation plans.

The communication style defines how your people communicate.  Understanding this key is critical to making things personal.

  • High D – Driver is focused on the tasks, and getting things done quickly, but fears losing control.
  • High I – Influencer wants to be the life of the party, and that is all about the relationship, but fears losing their status or prestige.
  • High S – Stable prefers a slower pace and cannot stand confrontation.
  • High C – Compliant that needs and wants processes, and needs and wants to know all of the details, but fears being embarrassed.

Key #2 – Use the Motivation Factors That Matter

If we know what Motivates each team member, it helps us to communicate the benefits of our systems and processes in a way that gets the team member excited about being a part of it. They are want to be a part of our systems and processes, they are motivated into action.

What motivates your Team Members to Succeed?

  • Are they motivated by Aesthetics? The need for their work to look great, neat, and clean,
  • Are they motivated by Money?
  • Is their highest score related to being Individualistic? Are they motivated by Self, Autonomy, or Independence?
  • How about Political? Do they have the desire to lead and manage?
  • Is their score heavily weighted towards Altruism? Do they want to HELP people, serve people, without expectation of anything in return?
  • What about their Regulatory scores? Do they need process, structure, and rules to be motivated to succeed?
  • Do you have someone that is highly Theoretical on the team? Someone that is motivated by learning and growing.

Key #3 – Deeply Know Your People’s Internal and External Beliefs

This is all about how your team members feel about themselves, and about how they feel perceive them. It ties in to the role they play in the company, and to their future in the company. It ties to confidence or a lack there of. It highlights how the team member feels about past and current results. It focuses on their beliefs.

If we understand the Internal and External beliefs of each team member we can address the issues not just the symptoms. Too often we are attempting to treat the symptom instead of addressing the cause.

Ever feel like you are talking about the same things over and over again with someone, and not getting the desired results? Know your team members belief system! Know what drives the decisions they make and the actions they take.

Please hear me….Systems and Processes matter, but People matter more! You can have World Class systems and not Succeed in Business. It’s takes GREAT people, doing GREAT things, to Succeed!

Lee Iiacoca said it best, “A Great Idea, Great Knowledge, is worth very little in any enterprise without the ability to effectively communicate it.

Yes, you are the Leader of your organization, but it’s NOT all about you. It’s about your team! It’s about getting the most out of your team! It’s about:

  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Beliefs

There is Power in the Profile! Power that transforms your team, transforms your systems and processes, and ultimately transforms your Business! GET YOUR PROFILE HERE!

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