5 business lessons of a megachurch

By Todd Liles 5 business lessons of a megachurch
5 business lessons of a megachurch

Megachurches are on the rise.  About 10% of all churchgoers attend a megachurch, and their popularity is growing.  I have often wondered “What are the business lessons of a megachurch, and how can service contractors apply them?”

I happen to know the secret to the growth of the megachurch.  How did I learn this secret?

I’ve learned over the last 5 years by observing, participating, and analyzing the amazing growth of LifeAustin.  LifeAustin is lead by Pastor Randy Phillips, and is Central Texas’ newest megachurch.

5 business lessons of a megachurch

#1 – Develop powerful leaders.  Powerful leaders are the key of any successful organization.  It takes a person of resilience, responsibility, and conviction to handle the weight of a large following.  Megachurches understand the importance of developing powerful leaders.

The leaders of today’s megachurches were developed by men of a previous generation.  Randy Phillips learned to lead by growing up under the tutelage of his father.  This was true for Joel Osteen, Andy Stanley, Ed Young Jr, and many other powerful leaders.

As a business owner, you must have a vision of your business that includes future leaders.  It is your responsibilty to develop the powerful leaders in your organization.

Grow your people:  Classroom Training

#2 – Focus on a message.  Making repairs and replacing equipment may be the base of your business, but it shouldn’t be your message.  Take the megachurch for example:

The base of a megachurch’s business is to win people to God, but it is not their message.  The message is something that is more universal.

Our church’s message is the following:


Through this message, LifeAustin is able to be more creative and reach more people.  In a way, the message is like a clarifying mission.  “Are we creating transformation in the lives of others?”

Alan O’Neill of Abacus Plumbing, Cooling, and Electrical has a similar message with his people, “My goal is that you will not only be a better plumber, but a better husband, a better father, and a better man.” 

Here at Service Excellence Training, our base is training and consulting.  Our mission and our message is, “We turn learning into earning.”

#3 – Understanding the volunteer.  Megachurches can not survive without volunteers.  Most churches operate on 70% to 80% of their manpower being that of the volunteers.  The volunteer not only gives their time, but they give their money as well.

Could you imagine having a business that was so popular that 70% to 80% of the manpower was volunteers?  And, they paid you!

You may think this is reserved for churches, but it is not.  Every year thousands of people volunteer their time and money to businesses.  Just look at the CrossFit Games as an example.

So what does the megachurch understand about the volunteer that you should as well?

A.  Volunteers work for passion.

B.  Volunteers work for appreciation.

C.  Volunteers work for cause.

#4 – Touching the heart.  Megachurches do an amazing job of telling the stories of the congregation.  These stories are filled with victories and failures. These stories connect us to the group and touch us deeply.

# 5 – Involving the family at different stages.  Attend a megachurch and you will immediately notice that family is considered at every stage of worship and development.  More than half of the facilities at LifeAustin are dedicated to the children.  Each age group has their own unique worship experience.

This would be like developing training for your people that is appropriate to their stage of development.  RELATED:  6 keys that will transform your training sessions

Our pastor also includes family when he is casting vision for the growth of our church.  He is very intentional about making specific statements of how this growth will provide benefits to the future of the church.

Include the family of your team members when you are casting vision.  Buy-in of the vision will soar!

Megachurches are growing for a reason.  And the example of a successful megachurch can inspire you, and guide you, to a more prosperous business.

Question:  What other lessons can we learn from a megachurch? Please comment and share on  and .

Tim Tebow with Pastor Randy Phillips speaking at LifeAustin.

Tim Tebow at LifeAustin from LifeAustin on Vimeo.


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