4 Powerful Effects of a Company Retreat

By Todd Liles 4 Powerful Effects of a Company Retreat

A company retreat can have some amazing and powerful effects. Our last event had me fighting back tears through my smile. Others were wiping them away as they shared what this event meant to them and their families. This surprising moment of vulnerability and blessing occur on our first night together.

We were in the private dining room of the 18 Oaks Steakhouse. The dinner marked the kick-off of our company retreat.  Towards the end of the meal, Chris Loudermilk proposed the following,

“Let’s go around the table and share 3 things we are grateful for from this week.”

It was a great idea and one that immediately put smiles on the faces of all. As each person in the room shared what they were grateful for, a few things became abundantly clear to me.  This retreat is providing some powerful and unexpected effects. These effects continued to be revealed throughout the weekend.

4 Powerful Effects of a Company Retreat

#1 – Enhanced Marital Relationships

 Our team is made of hard-working moms and dads. Finding the time to get away with their spouse is rare. This event created space for the spouses to enjoy each other and reconnect.

“This is wonderful! This is the first time we’ve had the chance to get away and enjoy time together in years.”

This sentiment was expressed by many couples at the dinner table, and throughout the weekend.

One of my favorite memories is that of Toby and his Wife Kim playing in the water park. They were all smiles as they raced up and down the stairs to ride the water park slides. It was so much fun to watch the two of them splashing and enjoying the waterpark like newlyweds.

Toby and Kim enjoying time together without the kids for the first time in years.

#2 – Increased Blessings

Let’s go back to the dinner table and the sharing of gratitude.

As each person spoke their gratitude, they added a blessing directly pointed to the other team members. They publicly showed their gratitude to each other and spoke affirmations into each other’s lives.

“Being part of this team has meant so much to us. To be part of SET is something special. I love being your friend and working with you.”

The team also spoke a blessing unto Shannon and I. It was very touching, and a moment that made a lasting impression. Shannon was so moved. As we both walked to our room after dinner, we held hands and bathed in the warmth of the moment.

Team Dinner at 18 Oaks Steakhouse.



Quality time with my amazing wife Shannon.

#3 – Increased Unity

 Teams need to be unified. Retreats create special moments of unity and memories that bond. When you share in efforts that are not related to work, but are about connecting the team you will unite in stronger unity.

The guys golfing while the ladies were enjoying the spa.

Here are a few of the things we did at our retreat that helped boost unity:

  • Shared in meals together. We were intentional about eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner together. The breaking of bread is rooted in our DNA as a great unifier.
  • The guys went and played golf on Saturday morning. That was a ton of fun! The lightheartedness of grown men driving golf carts and talk smack is always fun.
  • The Spa. The ladies went to the spa on Saturday while the men golfed. Then on Sunday, we all went to the spa as a team. The relaxation and pampering of a spa visit puts your mind and body in a new zone of thought. This new zone of thought creates yet one more avenue to connect.
Toby enjoying the Spa.

#4 – Increased Productivity 

Our team works hard. They are go-getters and spend countless hours on the road and in the classroom. All this time on the road can wear out a person and stress a relationship.

Our company retreat provided a moment of recharge. It also connects the spouse to the team and the purpose of the company.

Recharging the battery and reconnecting to purpose always produces a big return in productivity.

Chris and Brandy enjoying some quality down time before their upcoming wedding.

Celebrate Like the Money is an Investment.

This is the last thought I want to leave you with:

Retreats are an investment, not an expense.

I can assure you, our company retreat was a large investment. It was well into the 5-digit investment zone, and it was worth it! Yet, retreats can represent a scary line item on your budget if you’ve never done it before. It can look a lot like an expense.

A retreat is not an expense; it’s an investment!

Kerry and his wife Lisa.

Terry and his wife Stacie.

If you are contemplating a company retreat, then I have 2 tips to get started:

  1. Start Small. If you’ve never done a retreat, then start with a small celebration. This will help you build courage and moment. You can find 5 Great Celebrations Under $200 Bucks by CLICKING HERE.
  2. Budget and Plan. Plan your next retreat, budget for it, and communicate it to your team. Use it as a motivator through the year and watch the results flow in.

Retreats have the power to produce amazing results for your people and company. I highly recommend making them part of your culture.

Question: What would your dream retreat look like?

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Bonus: Check out this fun video from the 2018 SET Retreat.

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