15 Ways a CSR Can Close More Calls and Boost Client Satisfaction

By Brandy Loudermilk 15 Ways a CSR Can Close More Calls and Boost Client Satisfaction

CSRs are the true front-line of any service company. For a Tech or Sales Pro to even reach the front door, it takes a CSR to first book the call. So, it is important that CSRs get the highest level of training to Close More Calls and Boost Client Satisfaction.

In today’s training video, Chris Loudermilk and Brandy Rogers tackle 15 Ways a CSR Can Close More Calls and Boost Client Satisfaction.

This presentation was presented Live on Facebook. For your convenience, we have created a quick guide of the 15 points in this video. You can listen to the whole video, or just the sections of interest. 

Intro: Boosting Client Satisfaction, AKA “Extra-satisfaction.”

This can be found at minute 2:40 of the video: How your CSRs can book more quality calls and increase client “extra-satisfaction”

Make sure your CSRs understand the value that your company provides through your services. The CSRs need to understand the benefits to the client for the service that is provided.

  • Pro- tip: Have your CSRs go on a ride-along.


Viewer Question 1: What are the qualities to look for when hiring a CSR?

The answer can be found at minute 4:45.

Utilize DISC profiles, and find someone who can communicate with various personality types. Also, performing a phone interview will be an added benefit when hiring a new CSR.

  • Pro-tip: Look for someone with a servant attitude.


Viewer question 2: How important is the CSR to the company?

The answer can be found at minute 6:10.

The CSR is the first impression of the company, and is responsible for keeping everyone else working. CSRs set up the expectations and settle anxieties prior to the tech showing up.

  • Pro-tip: Make sure your CSRs know how important they are and how much you appreciate them.


Viewer Question 3: How best to encourage CSRs?

The answer can be found at minute 8:20.

Give your CSRs compliments and tell them they are doing a good job! Also make sure they know their goals and KRAs. If they do not know the expectations, they will not know what they need to improve.

  • Pro-tip: Download the CSR call booking tool at SERVEXTRA.COM.


Viewer Question 4: What is the average call time for a CSR call?

The answer can be found at minute 10:35.

Broad answer is 3-5 minutes, but it can vary based on a lot of criteria.

  • Pro-tip: Listen to recorded calls to make sure they are focused on quality, with less of a focus on time.


Viewer Question 5: How can a CSR take on more responsibility?

The answer can be found at minute 12:12

Ask for more responsibility by bringing a solution to a problem, but be aware of the dangers of multitasking.

  • Pro-tip: Make sure the phone is your number one Priority.


Viewer Question 6: Should a CSR Dispatch?

The answer can be found at minute 14:15.

It depends on the size of a company, and the skill sets of the individual.

  • Pro-tip: Match the skill set to the job.


Viewer Question 7: What is needed at a CSR workstation?

The answer can be found at minute 15.

Make it fun, provide an organized note-taking system and a mirror.

  • Pro-tip:  A comfortable chair will make the CSR much happier.

Viewer Question 8: What are things a CSR should never say?

The answer can be found at minute 16:30.

Some examples of things never to say are: negative language, negative words, I don’t know, prices over the phone, etc.

  • Pro tip: Solve problems by offering solutions, not saying what you can’t do.


Question 9: How can you avoid giving a price over the phone?

The answer can be found at minute 17:45.

Turn a negative into a positive, build value in your process by speaking to the benefits to the client.

  • Pro-tip: Know the personality profile of the client on the other end, and speak to them based on how they make decisions.


Question 10: Should a CSR be female?

The answer is at minute 19.

No a CSR does not have to be a female, they do need to have empathy and a heart for service.

  • Pro-tip: Hire a CSR based on skills and personality.


Question 11: Should a CSR use a script?

The answer can be found at minute 20:40.

A CSR should have guidelines, but should be comfortable with the process to naturally adapt to each call and client.

  • Pro-tip: Every client is different, match what you say and how you say it to their personality.


Question 12: How do you overcome a dispatch fee objection?

The answer can be found at minute 22:30.

If your CSR’s are getting this objection then they are probably bringing it up too early. They need to build value in the service prior to mentioning the investment.

  • Pro-tip: Always tie feature with a benefit.


Question 13: How do you gain control of a conversation when the caller dominates the call?

The answer can be found at minute 24:39.

One of the tricks is to ask questions. This will help to redirect the caller’s attention and to show that you are the expert.

  • Pro-tip. Use yes/no questions, or open-ended questions, to gather information but maintain control of the call.


Question 14: Why have the CSR’s use a mirror?

The answer can be found at minute 26:22.

A mirror is an old trick of the trade to make CSRs sound friendlier. A mirror helps you to smile naturally when you see your reflection.

  • Pro-tip: Listen to your calls to be aware of how you sound over the phone.


Question 15: What is the best apology to use for an upset customer?

The answer can be found at minute 28.

It depends on what the complaint it, but dig in, show empathy, acknowledge their concern. Take the time to really listen to what the concern is and offer a solution, or find out what it will take to make them happy.

  • Pro-tip: Ask questions to be sure you fully understand the root of the problem.


Training for Your CSRs

A well trained CSR is a great investment for your business. Consider your CSRs as the most important aspect of your business’s marketing. Without a well trained CSR, you are throwing away thousands of dollars in Marketing Costs, and lost Sale Revenue.

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