4 Keys That Stump Online Trolls

By Todd Liles 4 Keys That Stump Online Trolls
Online Trolls

Imagine that you are at a big industry event. The main stage just released everyone to the breakout sessions. You find your room, and take a seat.

After 10 minutes, you realize that you are in the wrong room. This place literally isn’t for you.

You are now faced with a decision, what are you going to do?


Select the answer that best describes your next step:

  1. Quietly leave the room, and find the correct room.
  2. Stay and listen. You’ve already invested time, and you might as well learn.
  3. Stand in the middle of the room and shout, “You SUCK!”

If you choose either of the first 2 options, then you are probably a normal human.

If you choose option 3, then you are either psychologically disturbed, or you’re an internet troll.

The difference between real life and the internet, is that trolls actually do exist online.

As a service provider, you are going to face criticism. This is a normal part of life, and it is a normal part of the internet. I get tons of criticism from internet trolls. So, I have some experience here.

4 Keys That Stump Online Trolls

  1. Identify the troll. A person with a legitimate concern is not a troll. Trolls don’t have real concerns. It is important that you recognize the difference. One of the easiest ways to recognize the troll is to listen to their language. Trolls use short sentences. Lots of caps and exclamation points. And, trolls rarely give explanations. Here is an example: <YOU SUCK!!!> That would be the sound of a troll.
  2. Delete and Ban. Trolls are pretty thick. They rarely listen to reason. So, trying to explain yourself does little good. The great news about Social Media is that you can delete and ban trolls in the comments section of your news feed.
  3. Don’t feed the troll. Trolls eat your tears and anger like cake. Don’t feed them with your comments. Just remember rule #1, delete the trolls.
  4. Make the troll think. There are places online where you can’t delete the troll. In those cases, you need to make them think. <How do you make a troll think?> you may ask. You ask them a question that requires a clear explanation. You will often find that the troll will not respond. Trolls are fueled by emotional passion. Thinking is a great way to disconnect their energy source. Just be sure that the question doesn’t sound sarcastic. Sarcasm will feed the troll.

By the way, I created a video that is extremely sarcastic. It’s called You SUCK!

It’s really funny, and made Chris Loudermilk spit coffee into his hand.

It’s a lesson to trolls on how to give me criticism. I know that this video will stir the troll waters. And that’s okay, because I’m using it like bait. Once the trolls start commenting on the SET Facebook page, I’m going to delete them. [Like the SET Page HERE.]

Question:  How do you handle online trolls?

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